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  1. allauto6293

    Blown CT Sounds 25001.1D

    Id just get it fixed bro
  2. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Still fo sale. $200 shipped $170 picked up
  3. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Up for sale are cdt hd61a components, pss 6im mids and ill throw in an extra set of cdt tweeters for free---$235 shipped. Also have an epicenter epic160 in dash and a clarion eq for sale
  4. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Maybe. Sony 7.1 new?
  5. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Make me an offer
  6. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Tbh no brother sorry.
  7. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    still here
  8. allauto6293

    So-Cal Trade Thread

    Obsidian v2 15s in box---$250 picked up XS D2400---$140 XS D3400---$140 All is in bakersfield and picked up only
  9. How much would it be for one rubi shipped to 93309?
  10. allauto6293

    dd m3b

    Nice picture of an amp but what do u expect to do with that? No username, date, or anything else that pertains to the rules dont think ur gonna have a serious buyer
  11. allauto6293

    obsidian v2 15

    $280 shipped for the pair until DECEMBER 9TH. Then back to normal
  12. very good and fair offer. if you're going to decline this offer id suggest throwing it back into ur ride cuz that's pretty much what anyone else would fairly pay.
  13. allauto6293

    obsidian v2 15

    2 d top
  14. allauto6293

    obsidian v2 15

    2 d top !