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    install car audio
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    2 alpine type r 10s on a 2000 watt rms amp in a wall
  1. jdogg6972

    2x Sundown X10 D4

    man i wish i had 550 right now those look great never heard any sundown x10s tho haha
  2. jdogg6972

    Two DAD BD 15s in mint condition

    dang been looking to get a set of these don't have the money if u r wanting to hear what they sound like look up twistedchild420 on youtube he had 4 of them at one point in time they slap
  3. jdogg6972

    2 FI q 15teens fully upgraded from fi

    I want these bad man but don't got money to buy em im bout to build a wall in my 94 grand prix and need something to put in there besides my alpine type r 10s haha but I like the way u got ur box in their that's cool af
  4. jdogg6972

    FS: C&D Batts Cheap 55ah-150ah

    im interested how much for a 150 to put in back
  5. jdogg6972

    FS: Kinetik HC2400 Nice Price

    u still got im interested
  6. jdogg6972

    Odyssey 2150

    why dont u ship man
  7. jdogg6972

    8g wiring. Make An Offer!!

    ill give ya like 10
  8. what u wanting for that dc level 4 i had one that was an 18 loved it but sold it so now wanting another dont care what size
  9. jdogg6972

    single 15" or 18"

    dude go with that audiopipe they slam i have one in a 94 grand prix and it slams hard and im only 15yrs old
  10. jdogg6972

    18" Fi BTL D2

    nice wish i could get it all i got is 2 american bass xd 12s
  11. jdogg6972

    Wtb: Cheap 8" sub and amp.

    i got an old dual 8 it hits pretty hard for being little and possibly an old jensen amp for 60 shipped
  12. jdogg6972

    8" subs in rear deck?

    i dont see why u couldnt im thikin bout doinit haha but im putting a wall in my 94 grand prix