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  1. Demon73

    No dash lights

    Found quick fix. But now the check engine light is on. I grounded one of the lights in the instrument cluster and have lights now! But it caused the check engine light to come on and stays on even after disconecting the ground jumper. Any ideas?
  2. I have 2 jl 12w3 that I want to build a box for. I'm looking for what would be the best tune and cubic feet for something clean and low. I'm going with a single chamber and a single port. I can figure out the details of the box size. I mostly listen to dub and rap. Any ideas help thanks!
  3. Demon73

    Install help

    Yes I have checked all of the lights that don't work and they all look good. I'll look for that fuse. Will it be out or wrapped up with other wires? Thanks!
  4. Demon73

    Install help

    Any idea where I might be able to find the fuseable link for the dash illumination on a 2000 Mazda Mpv.
  5. Demon73

    Install help

    Its at 2000 Mazda MVP. Looked under the hood also they look good. Someone said something about a relay they called it a tsn or tns that is under the hood.
  6. I changed out the stock HU on my Mazda Mpv. I used the wire harness adapter and all went well. But I have no dash lights now. I have checked all of the fuses that I can find. I have also put old HU back in to see if there was a problem with my wiring still no lights. I removed the instrument cluster to check the lights and they are all good. The strange thing is I have power on both sides of the place where you install the lights. There is no ground? On the harness there is a orange wire marked dash illumination but no orange wire on the HU. How do I get my dash lights back? Any help?
  7. I have 2 jl 12w3s. Jl s specs are 1.75 cubic ft. per sub. Tuned to 30 to 35 hz. My question is would they sound better in one box together built to 3.5 cubic ft. With the same tune? Looking to get best low end I can?
  8. Demon73

    No dash lights

    I was checking the ground wire conection and ended up pulling out the interment panel. I was pulling out lights and checking for voltage. I found that there was voltage 10.75 volts on both sides of the connecting point where you install the buld. There was no voltage with the light switch off. So what happened to the ground side of the connecting point. Any ideas? I was looking online an pull up some diagrams it looks like I might have done something to the TNS relay? Anyone know anything about this?
  9. Lol! It's an 84 VW Vanagon!
  10. Ok JL fans whats the best box and tune for 2 12w3v3. I play mostly dubstep and rap more on the ds side. Anyone have any ideas. I have room 58" w no more than 17" h and what ever d let me know what your ideas are. Thanks
  11. Demon73

    No dash lights

    Thanks for the info. It's a 2000 Mazda mpv and tail lights do still work. The only thing thay I've found so far are the illumination lights for the dash. Any one know where i might find the fuseable link that might have been fried by not disconnecting the batt. At insulation time.
  12. Demon73

    No dash lights

    I disconnected the orange wire. And still no dash lights. Orange and white is not connected. So I pulled out the new radio and slid thw old one in. Hooked everything up and still no lights. So put new one back in ans checked all fuses I could find. Under dash driver side and under hood driver side. Also pulled out interment panel and checked lights they are all good but found that there is no power where the light goes. Please anyone got any more ideas. Thanks!
  13. Demon73

    No dash lights

    Sounds good ill give that a shot. I do have the orange wire hooked up. Thanks!
  14. I just installed an after market headunit in athe 2000 Mazda Mpv with a wire harness adapter. No brainer it plugged right onto stock harness it is labled so that you know what wires go where. Stereo works great but I now have no dash lights. The turn signals, low fule lights work but no lights on my speedo or tach. I have checked all wiring and fuses under the hood and under the dash. Any suggestions will help thanks!
  15. Demon73

    Jl 12w3v3 Box

    It's an 84 VW Vanagon 59" wide in back. Built the box to the detentions in the booklet that came with the subs. It sounds pretty good maybe just need to go with the MDF. There are two ports 1 for each chamber. Ports are on the ends facing foreword same as the subs. They are being powered by a brz 1700w Hifonics amp ran at 2 ohm. So they should be getting about 1200w for the 2 of them. The problem is when I play above 1/2 the bass seams to get distorted. Gain on the amp is below half way. Thanks!