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  1. So I have a Mechman 260a, ran it in my 02 trailblazer until I blew the transmission. I put the alt into my 04 Trailblazer and it wasn't holding voltage. So I sent it out to Mechman to get fixed and got it back and it the voltage is great. My issue is the rpm's as jumping like crazy and the alt is whining bad and revving with the rpm's. It never did this on my 02 trailblazer. I did the Big 3 in 0/3 and the grounds are in the same places I'd normally put them. Is this normal? it the alt fucked? anything I can do to rest grounds/amperage? I have a DMM and a Fluke Clamp. Heres a video:
  2. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    The thing is the subs made the noise on 38hz songs that are not being played low... SSF wouldn't effect a song thats playing nearly in the 40's. I'm starting to think Buck is right and the amplifier is fucked from running .5. I'll try adjusting the settings and see what it does but I'm having my doubts. I've heard your input, I'll give it a try but I'm not an audio noob and I know how to adjust my amplifier. I'd like some more ideas or input because I highly doubt that adjusting SSF/HPF is going to fix it.
  3. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    Honestly don't think it's SSF related. I'll give it a go but my settings are about what I'd normally run on any setup and its never made this noise before.,
  4. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    Yeah I'm aware it's not meant for .5 ohm. Guy had the amp for a month so im assuming he didnt play it at .5 ohm long but the damage might have already been done. The thing is I don't see how the subs are blown if they both do it and they both meter perfectly fine with no rub. and i dont see how i can diagnose the amp being the culprit because it seems to be working properly.
  5. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    IF sub was blown though coils wouldn't be reading perfect, all of them on both subs read exactly 2.2ohm. No scratch or rub on the subs, nothing they basically look brand new. The amplifier is supposidly a month old but the old owner was running it at .5 ohm and i dont think it even supports .5 ohm it's a Alphard Machete 2000.1... funny enough i been running my 18 on it and its been making weird noises too but I just reconed the 18 so I figured it was a **** recone job since it was my first recone job, maybe the amp is screwed. How can I tell if the amplifiers bad? I have a Wolfram 4500.1 I guess I could test the subs on but I don't have my electrical and **** hooked up for that. I have a DMM and Fluke. So what do I look for and how do I test it? I'm pretty sure the coils on the 15's are fine like I said reads 2.2 on DMM on both subs all coils and no rub at all.
  6. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    Yes its popping, hard to explain.. kind of sounds like its vibrating off something like a hollow vibrating sound. Almost sounds like its bottoming out or something.
  7. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    Did they stop popping and sound good? I'll give it a go. But the box and subs are too heavy to lift right now alone so will have to wait a couple days. So any and all suggestions are welcome. What did you set your SSF to? I believe mines set to 25-30 right now. I usually set my SSF to around 20-30hz but maybe with this 42hz box thats too low?
  8. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    That doesn't make much sense... I've seen just about every sub configuration playing in the low 40's with no issue. I couldn't even compete with this setup like this the moment it gets loud it makes that ****** sound. I understand 42 is high but I was playing music in the 38-40hz range. The previous owner played this system daily in this box and said he had no issues. I mean I could be wrong but we just tuned my buddys wall to 48hz and hes running 4 SA15's on 4500w, so I don't get how that would make any sense in my situation. I could see it if the box was too big but its to spec.
  9. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    It's a ported box. I'm not trying to do anything , normally I'd build my own box but this came with it and it seems like a solid box. Also I don't see how 42hz would cause this noise, the guy ran this at events and had no issues he said.' SSF is set correctly. HPF is set correctly. Sounded fine on my 18" BTL tuned to 35hz not so much on these 15's. Could the amp be fucked up from running .5 ohm and be causing this? It literally sounds like the cone is slapping the spider or the pole piece which I dont see how thats possible this isnt a recone.
  10. East

    HARD hits/Punches not loud

    Well the 13" W7 has more cone area then the 12 FIQ and you didnt list what amplifier he has and what amplifier you have. Also a Tline is not meant for punchy base, if you want that then you need to build a smaller box with higher frequency. Anything 35hz+ @ 145db or more will feel like a kick in the chest.
  11. East

    15" SA v3's Noise...

    So just bought a complete kit of (2) SA 15 V3's, Machete Alphard M2000.1, 42hz 7ft^3 box, got it real cheap but it all looked in good condition and the guy had them less than a year. So I brought them home hooked up the Alphard Machete to my 18" BTL and it sounded great, put out lots of power barely got warm... Nice amp is good. So then I drug the 15's out to my car and hooked them upto the amp and it hit pretty **** hard that's until I went to my normal listening volume and then 1 of the subs started to sound like it was bottoming out or hitting the pole piece or something. So I hooked up the other sub alone and it did the same thing but a somewhat higher volume... I took the subs out checked the wiring over and I was at .5 ohm which this amp doesn't support, but the guy who sold them to me had them wired this way the whole time. I messaged him he said he had no issue with them when he sold them and they didnt make any noises. So are my subs fucked or what? Sundown rep said the SA v3's cannot bottom out the most they can do is hit the spider from max excursion. I was playing a high frequency song too and the amp is properly set. Theres no scratching when I push on the subs, coils look good in gap, read good on dmm, dustcap and everything is fully intact, no rips and the subs make the noise outside of box freeair as well. Did I get screwed or is there a simple answer to this? because I've watched multiple videos of SA15 v3's taking 3k daily and I gave them a measly 2k.
  12. East

    Boss 4K

    If $180 is your limit then get this: https://www.skaraudio.com/products/rp-1500-1d Close thread.
  13. Looking for a used BC3500 Crescendo in good shape (dont want it all banged up) let me know.
  14. Looking for 4 Sundown SA10's (v3 with stitched surround/750rms) in working order.
  15. East

    Looking for 1/0 Copper Lugs

    Really? Because my 2/0 Welding Cable is very small compared to the Sky High Lugs... Like a nickels width gap. I was told Skyhigh uses oversized wire/lugs. My Knukonceptz 1/0 is the same size as my 2/0 welding cable and is also too small for the sky high lugs. This is my welding cable and its quite small compared to my 1/0 sky high lugs: http://www.wireandsupply.com/2_0_WELDING_CABLE_BLUE_p/wc-2-0-07-std.htm So I don't know whats going on here... All I know is I bought 20ft of 2/0 welding cable and its too small for the $20 in lugs I just bought... some are saying sky high is oversized some are saying its not, all I can say is theres a nice gap between the wire and the lug and its the same way for my 0/1 knukonceptz.