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  1. A few years ago your installed inspired me to build out my 2016 Accord EX. I did everything besides changing the head unit. Hertz front components, Hertz 6x9 in the rear deck with using tin snips to cut the correct size out all feeding a hertz 4 channel. 

       I ordered a pioneer deck and 99-7804B Metra thinking that it would fit right in being that crutchfield said it would fit my car. Took my dash apart to find out that it actually doesn’t fit. Now I’m hoping that you could help me with what dash kit you used to install your deck in the lower compartment. I’ll have to unfortunately return my purchase to them and get something else that will help me achieve a better flat sound feeding the sub amp to get better lows. Here’s to hoping hope helps me achieve a better quality sound. 

       Below is what my car harness looks like and what my stock radio looks like.