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    trying to figure that out now
  1. 150db VW

    2000 to 3000 RMS Amp

    modded mmats d300hc, super rare, tiny, one of the most efficient amps ever made, powerhouse, stable down to .12 ohms. you can support .5 with this on stock electrical with big 3, but itll do 2500 at 2
  2. ive got a smexy o/s mmats modded d300hc.
  3. 150db VW

    Wtt kicker zx2500.1

    modded late model mmats d300hc. check out output at 2, 1 .5 and .12 and efficiency
  4. 150db VW

    Crown xls 2500

    i know you didnt lol
  5. 150db VW

    Crown xls 2500

    crown is good stuff but ive been using behringer for my pro audio needs since i started playing instruments and its **** hard to beat behringer, older stuff even better but they havnt cheaped out yet. both are good but ive had better experience with behringer. the 4500h with the 4x10 cab was my favorite semi portable home/pro audio bass set up ever. for me i prefer something that lets me pop my guitar/bass into it and gives me the same control set up as any guitar amp. thats just me though, totally different style than what youre looking at but musicians know what im talkong about, its so easy to hook up auxiliary to one and play it and tune it but its a pain in the *** to adjust a stereo for instruments
  6. 150db VW

    Looking to upgrade from kicker l7 15

    it would not be quiet but nobody on here would advise paying much over 50 bucks for an l7. so dont pay much and make sure it matches yours. its not gonna be a big deal by any means every idiot and their brother has 2 l7s and in fact for the amount of cone area the ones ive heard were incredibly disappointing but yes you could do that just give em lots of port area
  7. 150db VW

    Looking to upgrade from kicker l7 15

    no speaker requires a certain amount of power.the nightshade will decimate kickers, and the new style xxx and sound great. or grab a btl.
  8. 150db VW

    Audible difference between SA-12 and L7?

    they all say why. horrible design, horrible parts. insanely high price.
  9. 150db VW

    Audible difference between SA-12 and L7?

    plz refer to the millions of threads based on the same question
  10. 150db VW

    2k trade for non-car audio

    pm me my comp is stupid i cant go to the last page.
  11. 150db VW

    2k trade for non-car audio

    its new. 250 is the price
  12. 150db VW

    2k trade for non-car audio

    Autotek 2000.1 - Car Audio Classifieds old but still. at that time the amp was much newer. just a few that popped up on a quick google search.
  13. 150db VW

    2k trade for non-car audio

    superwinc tigershark 9500 and i might let my ramsey pat 15000 go.