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  1. Silkyslim

    old school Soundstream amps.

    I gotcha that makes more sense? I wonder how I missed that on diyma I'm over there much more than here. I am glad he cleared it up. I guess that is a draw back of forums especially with those who are older and those just learning how forums work doesn't help.
  2. Silkyslim

    wtb autotek 7204 autotek 7600

    Don't know if you are interested in a 7300? I have one I'll be selling.
  3. May have to get the sound stream.
  4. Silkyslim

    old school Soundstream amps.

    Mr. Ace I remembered this thread from a while back and dug out one of my old soundstreams rubi 5ch. I hooked it up and on two of the full range channels I had a bad oscillating volume issue. The other 2ch sounded great. I was a old ss ref fan. I was reminded why I liked them so much anyway. Does this sound like a major issue or maybe a setting? Thanks for your input and help. Btw I would love to see some of your designs back on the market if they are anything like the old stuff. Such a smooth warm sound. Good luck I hope everything works out. It is a tuff time for many industries but the car audio industry has seen better days with SQ in my opinion.Not to say everything junk these days just tested a new amp that has surprised me. There is a loss of passion for sq and has just gone to convenience (almost disposable amps) and a race to zero.
  5. Silkyslim

    old school Soundstream amps.

    Curious where was this response we he (envisionelec) put ace on blast for everyone to and not pm ace first? He publicly calls his reputation and work history out as a fraud from hear say and after it can't be erased you call out ace for protecting his rep. Wow. I could see if this started out as a pm.
  6. Silkyslim

    MTX Thunder 2300X

    It would be hard to be happier with the new IDMax 15's I'm running IB. They continue to impress each day. I'm a picky OCD sob about low end. Not very hard to get loud these days but really hard to get right in my opinion.
  7. Silkyslim

    FS: Lanzar Optidrive

    Up for great amps
  8. Silkyslim

    Eclipse CD5435 CHEAP!!!

    Do you still have this? Looking for a test bench deck.
  9. Silkyslim

    FS/FT: Eclipse CD5000

    Trade for Old school 2ch amp or JL Audio old school 6.5 comps LNIB?
  10. Silkyslim

    Orion collectors:very rare

    Free bump for one nice collection
  11. Silkyslim

    2 linear power-lp 5002 black/red

    I would say they peak higher they are beasts and they sound great they are very comfortable at 8 ohm and overproduce in that load. Free Bump for a great classic.
  12. Silkyslim

    OS Cheater "The Crunch" 50SHC

    Do you still have this?
  13. Silkyslim

    Clarion DRZ-9255

    Still have this looks like one listed on amazon is that you? Is there any interest in trades for new zed amps or morel spks, or old school amps.
  14. Silkyslim

    3 oldschool amps (ppi,hifonics an mmats)

    why did you blow up that zeus for?
  15. Silkyslim

    Morel MW-266 8" Pair

    Any trades?