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  1. you have no refs and only 7 posts....
  2. IAD-Zak

    What sub to get? $200 budget

    i have a type r 12 like new. will get plenty low.
  3. IAD-Zak

    Aq hdc3 10" d1

    i have 1 also d1 copper coils, stiff as hell. great price. hmu if anyone wants to make a pair.
  4. IAD-Zak

    Type R or Type S subs?

    wrong. the 2 type r's on same power will get louder
  5. THIS^^^^ why trade and rebuild then just rebuild and get louder bruuuuh?
  6. IAD-Zak

    Hifonics HFI2000d With PLEXI back!!!!

    200 new? willing to go around 125?
  7. id go with that audiopipe sub. 4 inch vc ftw. guy here used to have a wall with 4 15s, **** SLAMMED
  8. IAD-Zak

    My largest UPS shipment yet.

    i also want to know what you ended up paying bro.
  9. IAD-Zak

    Low Budget System

    whats the crappy system you currently have if youre looking at wx or r2 subs? and id go with either the tnt or the e-10 and the ap at 2 ohms so you wouldnt need any electrical upgrades and when you do want to bump it up you have the amp ready
  10. IAD-Zak

    rockford punch p400.4 like new

    sorry lol, didnt know there was a difference
  11. ya need pics with username and date or this will be closed
  12. IAD-Zak

    12 with good lows?

    sa12s sell for 200 a pair here in fl on the daily lol. great condition. ---------- Post added at 12:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 PM ---------- and they are 195 new shipped.
  13. the 3rd gen i believe and 75 plus half shipping?