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    12 years of Navy service later, I now work in BioTech in WA. Have always been an audio enthusiast. Former administrator for MAF. These days, I just dabble in home hi-fi; my car audio game is on indefinite hiatus.
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  1. neo_styles

    Tuning songs

    Norah Jones' Come Away With Me and Diana Krall's The Girl in the Other Room, for starters. Very well-mastered albums and will give you a good idea of how your female vocals will turn out. Those tend to be harder to reproduce accurately than most. Otherwise, there's a lot of good vocal processing that went into Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, especially during "Giorgio by Moroder." If you can pick out the subtle differences between all the vocal mics used in that track (models ranging from 1960s-manufactured up to present-day), you've done quite well on the tuning.
  2. Be careful on the power rating of head units. They may be CEA-compliant, but they're not necessarily accurate depictions of how much clean power they'll put out. That Kenwood KMM is, at least in my opinion, merely "okay" in comparison to the rest. Those 2.5V preouts seem meager at best. If you're powering straight off deck power, your better bet would be this model. Yes, there have been reviews complaining about it having power-on issues, but those have also been reported to be fixed by firmware updates. Ideally, though, I wouldn't pay much mind at all to a deck's power ratings and, instead, focus on saving up for a separate amplifier. It'll pay off far more in the future. Any reason you're not a fan of the Clarion?
  3. I, personally, would recommend going for the Clarion CZ505. It's just a hair out of your budget, but the frustration saved by having the BT mic built into the head unit itself means one less wire to figure out how to run around your car. 4V preouts on 3 channel pairs of RCA, HD Radio, and aptX for your Bluetooth connection help sweeten the deal. Alternatives that fit your budget would be Alpine's CDE-143BT, Kenwood's KDC-X701 (refurb), or JVC's KD-R970BTS. Each plays a different set of strengths; each carries its own relative sound signature. The JVC and Kenwood will be the most alike to each other and, fwiw, I ran one of JVC's Arsenal series single-DINs for years with great success (it's just not available anymore).
  4. neo_styles

    Ssa amps arrived

  5. neo_styles

    Looking for subwoofer recommendations for an sq setup.

    We get very similar at the northern 5/405 split. Luckily, I can take surface streets in. To the OP, try to ponder over my previous questions. I've run my fair share of subs over the years and listened to a lot of systems as well. Would love to be able to start pointing you in the right direction.
  6. neo_styles

    Looking for subwoofer recommendations for an sq setup.

    Oh geez...you're out past Marysville. Not too shabby.
  7. neo_styles

    Looking for subwoofer recommendations for an sq setup.

    Lynnwood area. You?
  8. neo_styles

    Looking for subwoofer recommendations for an sq setup.

    GCON is in the redesign/prototyping process for the next gen. Won't be able to get your hands on one right now anyway. If you're going to compare like-for-like on the SA-8, a more direct comparison would be SSA's F8L that just got released.
  9. neo_styles

    speaker upgrade need advise

    Hanging out at work and blasting some RTJ, much to my coworkers' chagrin.
  10. neo_styles

    speaker upgrade need advise

    On the DSP end, Helix's models are pretty dang hard to beat with their simple UI. On the set-and-forget end, I wouldn't discount JBL's MS-8 (when you can find one). For components, everybody's going to make their own recommendations. Once you go the DSP route, you're going to find that options end up nearly limitless since now you're able to enter the world of active tuning. I'd suggest taking a glance at DIYMA and seeing what people have learned with various configs and their experience. Honestly, though, your install is going to carry far more weight than the speakers you end up with in the end.
  11. neo_styles

    Looking for subwoofer recommendations for an sq setup.

    Sorry for being blunt, but broad question is broad. There's a lot of considerations to take into account. For instance: 1. What's your budget? 2. What are your expectations with this new sub? Saying you're looking for a SQ sub is still a bit broad. Are you willing to sacrifice some low-end extension for a sub capable of really fast transients? 3. What kind of power will the sub(s) be seeing? 4. What amount of space are you willing to give up for an enclosure in the back? 5. What are you currently driving and have you explored the possibility of going aperiodic or infinite baffle? I know it seems daunting for a relative newbie to the enthusiast's world, but answering these types of questions can really help us give you a solid recommendation. That being said, taste is extremely subjective, so don't be surprised if you get barraged with recommendations. General rule of thumb is be willing to take a leap, buy used, and be prepared to resell if it doesn't tickle your fancy. You'd be surprised at the amount of people who ask for a SQ sub and find out it's not at all what they were expecting.