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  1. crosed

    FS: Alpine PXA-H800 -- $475 SHIPPED!!!

    can reduce the price?
  2. what you mean "i can have a second one"?? pm me the really2 best price below that.. i will take if good with my bugdet
  3. this was pretty easy to make this is that i want..mid in the a pillar because my mid only 2.5 inch then i want put the tweeter above the midrange.. dash no speaker.. can you do this for me?
  4. how about you build with your pillars and sell to me? make it with hole,so i can put with screw i want liket that picture.
  5. i use morel mt-22 and midrange is dls up 2.5i here is the spec of midrange Voice coil 52 mm / 2" Aluminium flat wire, 6 mm Sensitivity 91 dB (1W/1m) Magnet size 65 mm (2,56") Mounting hole 82 mm (3,23") Mounting depth 15 mm ( 0,59") Outer diameter 100 mm (3,94") i dont want to use at kicks.. i want to use in the pillars and dont want use spheres just want to make hole and put that in.. can you build for me? i love this (sorry i take your picture) and for midrange,i want put below the tweeters
  6. hi everybody i have accord 6th gen i need to make custom A pillar for tweeter and midrange.. anybody can do it? please pm me with the price
  7. hi.. im looking for DLS iridium speaker 3 ways system complete with the crossover midrange and tweeter+midbass an the important thing is in perfect quality.. please post or pm me. i always check this thread. this is the example DLS IRIDIUM 6.3i
  8. hi everybody, i just finish install my alpine ina w900 with pxa-h100..and connect to tweteer,midbass,and sub,with 5 chn amp. but no sound,i open the sound manager v2.1 but can't open the application.. should i need ktx-h100? sorry if i wrong place to ask this noob question.
  9. your price fix?because too high from average price
  10. yes..new or used ..give me offer..
  11. As a subject,anyone have DLS CA51 or A7 for sale?
  12. crosed

    FS : Pioneer AVIC D-3

    sorry,no trades come to nj,and install in my house,then after that,you can pay me if you want,i try to give you the 2012 dvd nav..