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  1. Tuned in! Looking forward to more, nice work so far man!
  2. Montana

    Basic Questions About Sub System

    I smell a Smitty
  3. Montana

    need some 0 gauge QUICK

    I got my KnuKon in under 2 days to my door. Both times, crazy fast.
  4. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    No bad deal, just a butt sore Karate kid who penny pinches. I'd be butt sore to if I didn't have money to eat. :|
  5. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    You would of gotten one of the two working ones I had.. as you can see I sent my items in working condition. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/miscellaneous-classifieds/561669-320gb-ps3-slim-w-extras.html
  6. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    Ring leader of the Dome**
  7. Montana

    320gb ps3 slim w/ extras

    Good working console, used to own it. No issues. Mw2 junkie, mhm.
  8. Montana

    I don't even own a car . . .

    Awh, you, Smitty.
  9. Montana

    300 cash for amp or sub or subs

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]26537783[/ATTACH] We've been over this.
  10. Montana

    American Bass XFL 12", good buy?

    I **** my pants on the scary maze, I had a child hood mightmare with that b*tch.. your sig made me LOL so hard
  11. Montana

    2 mint ab xd 8s

    BRZ.1700d1? for the pair?
  12. Montana

    Suggest a 8"

    I'd sell my car to get that one above. And I take the bus and just bring carry around a Custom Boombox using that 8" Yeah. ---------- Post added at 04:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:32 PM ---------- Indeed I could, indeed I could.
  13. Montana

    Suggest a 8"

    What are we talking when we say pay? I have no problem with $100-$250 for my single daily 8, just to see the look on the local Kicker Fanboys.
  14. Montana

    Suggest a 8"

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]26537691[/ATTACH] @Bettr n&\#39; Revrse Sell me this?