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  1. Tuned in! Looking forward to more, nice work so far man!
  2. Montana

    Basic Questions About Sub System

    I smell a Smitty
  3. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    One is one of the amps from his bundle, one is not.
  4. Montana

    need some 0 gauge QUICK

    I got my KnuKon in under 2 days to my door. Both times, crazy fast.
  5. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    2 hours. ---------- Post added at 11:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:48 AM ---------- Video is uploading, gotta go to work. Clock in 12 minutes, yikes. I'll post it tonight.
  6. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    [quote name='kushy_dreams']@Montana ; vids of the amp going into protect[/QUOTE] Tomrrow sometime, work in 25 minutes. Off at 3pm tomorrow. :cool:
  7. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    Thoughts? C'mon Mr. In for verdict
  8. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    No bad deal, just a butt sore Karate kid who penny pinches. I'd be butt sore to if I didn't have money to eat. :|
  9. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    You would of gotten one of the two working ones I had.. as you can see I sent my items in working condition. http://www.caraudio.com/forums/miscellaneous-classifieds/561669-320gb-ps3-slim-w-extras.html
  10. Montana

    Shadiness with Montana

    Ring leader of the Dome**
  11. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    We agreed for me to pay extra before he even shipped.. It took him over a month for him to get the items from his door to mine, because of "packing errors" If he decides to post pictures, you'll see dates of when I said that, and feel free to check when I posted pictures of me getting it. Maybe he'll post pictures of me sending pictures of receipt asking where tracking number was because I didn't know as I hadn't traded online before. Then several hours after I shipped I then questioned why the amp is in protect. Wish I didn't delete those... after two weeks of not hearing anything about it I figured it was over.. Looks like he gets to pick and choose what pictures to post, lovely. Oh well, gaf.
  12. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    K. Idc. Let's see if he'll agree that he mentioned it was in protect after using it. I never fired it up til 2 days after I shipped it my end, as he has mentioned countless times, I work a lot. Plus, I had one already, and needed one. So I had two working, and one busted. Busted one just sitting in my garage. ---------- Post added at 10:55 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:54 AM ---------- Though, amp is protect, idgaf.
  13. Montana

    320gb ps3 slim w/ extras

    Good working console, used to own it. No issues. Mw2 junkie, mhm.
  14. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    C'mon post the pictures of the messages where I said I'd throw money in, then after that post pictures of when you said "It did that to me to" He doesn't owe me anything, I'll just fix it, it might prove to be fun. Just not paying him a penny more, or a thought more.
  15. Montana

    Trade between Montana and Ssteele18

    No intention to fix anything, unless maybe he decides to let me know why he failed to mention one amp is in protect. Not laughing my way out of anything, laughing at him.