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  1. shackles

    Rockford Alpine or Kicker?

    I have a Kicker CVT10 in my truck because of the mounting depth restrictions and it sounds pretty good for a single 10" with a very small sealed enclosure. I can't comment on the others your considering but Kicker seems to be a decent product although I'm sure there is way higher end stuff than that for way more $.
  2. shackles

    More efficient subs=more spl?

    Like some of the guys have said, there's more to it then just the specification db@1W@1m which is ideal. A 3db change is just audible by human hearing so yes the 90db would be just slightly louder than the 86.5db speaker with 1watt input. With everything being equal the difference is that the 86.5db unit would need 2 watts to get it to just under 90db. And it gets more fun from there because the power requirement keeps doubling for each 3db increase until you reach it's maximum heat/power dissipation capacity which will be the max. input power spec. The 86.5db unit will need 128 watts to reach 107db. The 90db unit only needs 64 watts to be at 107db. So assuming for instance they can both take 500 watts max. the 90db unit theoretically could produce 116db whereas the 86.5db unit could only produce 113db. Not super important unless you are only concerned about maximum spl's. This is not really the most important factor when compared to box design, tuning and driver quality/durability when you want HQ sound and loudness.
  3. shackles

    Need help with replacement speakers

    Why is it that electronics places are always trying to sell you on a new HU? There must be big profit in those. IMO If your just looking to make the system work and sound ok then replace the wrecked speakers and upgrade the factory ones which are probably cheap and past their prime. For 2 1/2" ones, either don't use them or put caps inline with them for high midrange duty only. They may add spaciousness to the sound stage. If you want to add a little punch get a space saving sub and an amp which will give you the thump that small speakers can't. Here's the smallest 10" sub unit that I could find and with moderate power (360WRMS), and a moderate cost which pumps out some pretty decent lows. Not earth shattering but clean. You wouldn't want too much anyway without upgrading everything else too. It all fits in the very limited space behind the seat in my crewcab.
  4. shackles

    Vintage Mind Blower speakers???

    I had a friend who had those in his car and other than being loud they sounded like a cheap pair of speakers being overdriven when compared to today's set ups with separate components, high power subs and amps with lots of dynamic headroom. I had some of the "loud" types of car audio equipment in the day including Craig Powerplay with the booster amps, etc. And while this equipment sounded good in the day and played "loud", it's a far cry from the high quality sound possible today. And those surface mount speaker setups sounded especially bad. If you want strictly a vintage look and sound then you can go with that stuff, if you can find it, but for great sound use modern equipment. JMHO.
  5. shackles

    6.5" component speakers for '05 Sierra

    Before I start sinking money into the 4 ch amp plus speakers I was thinking of first upgrading the speakers. The Hertz stuff sounds like good equipment but here in Canada there are no dealers to make that easy. I was considering a set of these JL's for the first step and if I decide to move up with amps, etc. I'll just put them in another vehicle. Any opinions on these to replace the factory's? I think I can pick them up locally for about $100.
  6. shackles

    6.5" component speakers for '05 Sierra

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I'm aware that a 4ch amp would be the best route to go and I will probably do that when funds are available. But in the mean time I still would like better speakers until I do that. The factory's didn't sound very good with the factory GM HU when there wasn't a subwoofer in the back, and they don't sound any better with the new HU. It's not that they're not loud enough but rather they have a un-precise, slightly garbled kind of sound to them with most music types. I doubt the factory HU even had 20WRMS. Maybe it's because they are trying to reproduce frequencies lower than they can comfortably handle. I was considering putting some low filter caps in-line with them to remove anything lower than 150HZ, but I thought that there's probably just better speakers around. BTW the factory set-up on these trucks is components with a 6.5" and a tweeter in the front doors.
  7. shackles

    6.5" component speakers for '05 Sierra

    I'd like to keep it below $180 if I could.
  8. Any advice on a decent set of speakers for the front doors of my Sierra. I'm not looking for super high end stuff and I'm running it from the HU at 20WRMS max so I assume they'll need to be in the 90db-93db efficiency range to get some volume out of them. The stock GM ones sound crappy/lacking and out of place with the sub & amp I have. There just not clear or spacious sounding regardless of the EQ stting on the HU. BTW the HU is a JVC-800BT. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I'm new to this site but I have been working with audio since 1970. I've built tube & solid state amps, speaker enclosures & crossovers. I still remember the days of car audio with line level "PowerPlay" boosters from Craig & others which kind of dates me. Looking forward to seeing what people are doing to their vehicles and participating in discussions.
  10. Hi.Happy to be part of this forum. Audio has always been my interest and I used to build home audio speaker systems and crossovers from scratch as my hobby. Here's the setup I just did in my '05 Sierra crew cab. I wanted to keep it budget friendly, maximum space saving and still sound decent and it does. It's a JVC R800BT HU with a Scosche chime/data interface, a JBL GTO-3501 360W mono amp driving a 10" Kicker CompVT in an enclosure small enough to fit behind the rear seat. My question is on the JVC R800BT HU the instructions aren't specific to the effects of the 60HZ, 80HZ, 100HZ or the Q1.0, Q1.25 Q1.5 settings in the "Pro EQ" menu of this HU. Is it a low pass filter and to compensate for different driver Q's? And what is the goofy little spider web/target display in the upper right corner. Is it just annoying eye candy.