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  1. i would try to load up a pic of what im talking about but idk how. but wat is all this baffling stuff
  2. im going to put one 8 or 10 inch sub in the rear deck of my 97 subaru legacy gt and need to know the steps. ive read so much about this but as i am new to all this i have no idea how to do it. people say you need to trunk baffle or infinite baffle. whats that ? do i need a box for my sub ? its gonna be hanging from the rear deck in between two 6x9 speakers. thanks, looking forward to this build with the help of all you guys!
  3. id rather not give up my spare room haha but im really interested in the rear deck option, just have no clue how to even start this project
  4. i have a 97 subaru legacy gt, i really like the idea of putting one or two 8s in the rear deck but havent a clue how to go about this as this would be a first time sub instillation
  5. thanks, is it like building a new deck to put subs on top?
  6. what do you mean turn it into a baffle ? haha im really new to all this audio technology
  7. how would i do a box for these? and are you sugestiing i remove the rear speakers to put the subs in or just cut new holes ?
  8. Well do you guys think I should put then in my rear deck or somewhere else ? Maybe the arm rest ? Idk I need ideas
  9. i was looking to do one 8 in the middle of my rear deck but how would i go about building a box and supporting since it probably wont reach the floor of my trunk, i need ad much trunk space as possible!
  10. im new to this thread and everything sub related so help me out please, share your knowledge I NEED ENOUGH TRUNK SPACE FOR 4 SETS OF GOLF CLUBS. my intital idea was put a 8 in the cabin maybe between the rear deck speakers or a 8 in the arm rest or something, i just need trunk room. i have a 97 subaru legacy gt and right now my two twelves are too big and too much bass for my liking so i need some clever places to sneak in a sub Right now i have two twelves in my car with a 900 watt per channel kenwood amp and it is WAY to much bass for me, i was researching and thinking about selling what i have now, and installing a 8 inch sub in the rear deck in between the rear speakers, i would of course have to cut a 8 inch hole in the back of it but how would i go about getting a box ? the main reason im doing all this is because i need trunk space, i like some bass, i dont need everyone within a halfmile of me to here it like i have now, just something nice that complements all types of music and i could turn it up louder if a specefic song came on. long story short i need some sub without loosing trunk space, THANKS