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  1. This is the current box, I would like the new box to stay within the same footprint.
  2. Hello, I'm looking to build another enclosure for my GMC crew cab, since I've been experiencing alot of port noise with my current enclosure. Due to the lack of space (located center console) I'm thinking an aero port will be the best. I have a gross volume of 1.55 cu.ft. Subwoofer - RE Audio SX10 Amp - Boston Acoustics GT-2200 (900w @2 ohms) I'm wondering if i should go with a 3" or a 4" aero port. It seems like the 3" would be the more reasonable option for the space, ~12" port length when tuned to 32hz, as opposed to the ~24" port length with the 4" tuned to 32hz. With this box, I do not want to experience any port noise. What would you guys recommend? Thanks, Brian