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  1. kcr357

    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    I was quoting ts, 90rms isnt honna do much for him
  2. kcr357

    This makes no sense

    Sundown might as well milk their name while they can, dumb products aside
  3. kcr357

    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    Just saw the zapco is 640 watts. If thats rms and you want more volume, listen to jeff. Seems like there'a setup issue or your eardrum are giving up the ghost. I had a 900.4 on 4x infinity reference 6.5s, couldnt really say it wasnt loud enough. If it's not setup related, time for a revamp. Or hearing aid.
  4. kcr357

    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    The mmats? Yeah, dont bother. That 900.4 makes insane power. If you can f ind a deal on a ppi bk520.4, those are powerful and sound amazing being class ab. The ppi bk800.4 would shred too
  5. kcr357

    I need more. It's not loud enough.

    Rms is 90x4 at 2ohms. It's in the downloadable manual. No 4 ohm rating tho
  6. kcr357

    Hydraulic crimper dies question

    They were asking what a crimper you have because it makes a difference whether it's AWG or metric crimper. If you have the metric, the chart I listed will tell you what size to use if you look at the very right. Although the metric ones don't seem to have a die for the 1/0 size
  7. kcr357

    Hydraulic crimper dies question

    Post a link of what u have If it's metric heres a chart
  8. kcr357

    Blue top vs Deka marine

    Excellent, I was close to buying an optima. Ill check sams out, thx.
  9. kcr357

    Blue top vs Deka marine

  10. Going into a boat w 2x 500 watts rockford amps, 1 is an AB, the other is D. Charging system is less than stellar, current wise. Both batts are group 27 and will be dedicated to the audio. The Deka flooded battery https://www.nationwide-battery.com/deka/27m6.php actually has better specs, costs around 130. The optima https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/optima-blue-top-marine-battery-group-size-27m-800-cca-d27m/16940024-P?searchTerm=group+27 has a much better rep, thinking I can get it for a bit under 200. Are the bluetops going to be worth it, especially having worse specs? Seems everyone has a hard on for optima, not sure why.
  11. Yeah the charging system is a stator Magneto Magneto type some versions had an alternator but not mine. I don't believe it'll be a problem with the ECU on this engine but my friend had a different type of boat with a different computer setup and dead end up burning out his ECU. Just trying to stay on the safe side
  12. Thats the reason im running an isolated battery just tor the system. Dont think the resistor will work on second thought
  13. Putting a 1k system into a boat, will have an isolated dedicated battery for the amps and radio. The charging system is only good for 15 amps, and some have a tendency to be finicky/fragile when excessive draw is introduced. (Mainly due to ecu failure ) what i plan on doing is using a 300ish watt .5 ohm inline resistor to limited current to the amp battery to 7.5 amps. Anyone have input?
  14. kcr357

    Suggest a Farad size for my system!!!

    If your alt cant keep up w the current draw, the cap will get drained then itll be another draw on your electrical. Itll actually harm rather than help
  15. kcr357

    Best amp for 4 alpine for r’s 6x8 speakers

    The jbl is on crutchfield for 250 right now, id go with that if i were you. If i were me id get a ppi phantom 900.4(if you can find one) Cheaper and waaaay more power. It was a fantastic amp, both in performance and price. So of course they quit making it.