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  1. Exactly. Toyota has one of the best engineered cars in the industry, you really think they haven't figured out an efficient air intake system? "Hey Toyota did you know if you buy a $15 CIA at Walmart you can get a few more miles per gallon and horsepower out of your cars?"
  2. Jl Rockford fostate Soundcubed
  3. Its decent stuff for the masses, no one on a car audio forum will be impressed tho. If the car is a good deal consider it a bonus.
  4. kcr357

    Low Budget Subwoofer Setup?

    He's learned a lot recently. Several months ago he was pretty bad, but now he's got enough knowledge to help out the people who no one else will respond to.
  5. kcr357

    Low Budget Subwoofer Setup?

    "I need more bass" isn't going to get many responses. You never responded if you're using the stock hu or going am. Kind of a big variable with your budget. Are you able to build your own box? Are you going to update the oem speakers, and if so, using the HU or a 4 channel for power? You're not getting responses because your question is too vague to answer with anything useful. But to answer your ? as is-2 fu audio 300's, and pm the guy on here who does amp dyno's(Ryan?), he'll sell you a 1kish amp for appr 100-150 depending on what he's dynoed lately. Or research some of his youtube vids and buy one that performs well. There, bass under 500 bucks.
  6. kcr357

    Low Budget Subwoofer Setup?

    Ru using the stock headunit? If so put aside 50-75 for wiring and stuff, get a decent pair of used 12's and an amp froma reputableseller on here, then build a box. Toull end up with much better gear.
  7. kcr357

    Help DC audio 5k

    Like 4 people already answered that question man.
  8. kcr357

    Top five amplifier companies?

    Whats ur impression on the mmats amps? Ive got a couple waiting to be installed on my next build
  9. kcr357

    Best amp for FI 12” Q??

  10. kcr357

    Crunch PD1500.1 Amp Dyno

    You can tell it's a performer cause "Maxxsonics" is spelled with TWO x's
  11. kcr357

    Looking for a 12 inch subwoofer that matches my amp!

    Get the fu, it cant be any worse than the alpine and will handle plenty of power. Had my 15 running off an 1800 watt ppi.
  12. kcr357

    What is this stuck to my windshield?

    Government mind control device
  13. Occams razor- either this amo is magic, or there is some marketing bs going on
  14. Make the box smaller, it'll help keep the flex down.
  15. Vintage papermaker. Whatever equipment he owns is by default the best.