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  1. biglion

    2 bnib ppi 900.4

    man i wish i had one of these nice and powerful and small
  2. biglion

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    keep me posted i may purchase another one for my other car
  3. biglion

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    Hey got my battery on Wednesday appreciate it fast shipping packed very well thanks alothttp://cdn1.caraudio.com/forums/images/icons/icon7.png
  4. looking for battery terminal for my groupu 34/78
  5. biglion

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    well im bout to get off not sure if u get message but keep me inform i need or want one these battery for car
  6. biglion

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    i think this will fit in my 2002 impala are these new or used
  7. biglion

    Digital Designs M2b

    wow i would love to own this amp so why not get it repaired im sure its worth it
  8. Picture 1 of 1 for Mechman Alternators 82345240 this alternator from mechman fit all the 1999 up series 2 3800
  9. yea i notice that one thanks im still looking just in case i dont get that one
  10. looking to buy decent broken repairable sundown amps n thanks
  11. hey i pm my number thanks
  12. basically i have 2 led 12 volt meters i wanted to hook up so i could monitor voltage on amp and battery and i wanted to add rockers switch Mini Digital Voltmeter 0-100 VDC BLUE LED Panel Voltage Meter with Three Wires
  13. ok no luck maybe i didnt o some right any help with diagram or layout so i can see how to wire thanks
  14. biglion

    Kenwood BT958HD For Sale

    brand new wow i never had kenwood cd players this one looks nice