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  1. Dtrom

    Calling all Sundown Audio nut huggers

    Two 18s for sure
  2. Dtrom

    WTB: 2.5-3k amp

    Shoot me a text tomorrow Jim. If you still have it around the 12th ill take it. Rated 2900 correct?
  3. Dtrom

    WTB: 2.5-3k amp

    And 2.5k @ 2....
  4. Dtrom

    WTB: 2.5-3k amp

    That or 2. See an hdc4 in my near future
  5. Need a 2.5-3k rms amp. Looking to purchase around the 12th of this month. Need something that wont mind being wired to .5 nominal. Used preferably. Something along the lines of an opti3201, saz 2500, ect. Thanks!
  6. Dtrom

    Looking to buy 12" subs

    Just stop lol their both garbage
  7. Got it stock on my car. Its AWESOME
  8. Dtrom

    Kicker L3

    Both are junk. Whats your budget?
  9. Dtrom

    Incriminator,DD,DC,Sundown Subwoofers....

    For dc pricing you'll need to hit up a dealer or email them direct. @mylows10 ; can help there. The sub your thinking of is the XL. You cant go wrong with any of the subs youve listed. Their all monsters. For what its worth I ran the death penalty and its a beast woofer. Very loud and musical
  10. Dtrom

    Any difference in Jl Audio 12w7 and 13w7

    Never heard a mojo, I ran a 13w7 couple years ago. Very musical sub with tons of output
  11. Dtrom

    Which to choose

    Fi bl