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  1. cdc351jeferson

    Budget system $500?

    @whitedragon551 ; clear this spam ? ^^^^
  2. cdc351jeferson

    Pawn shop find!!!

    I would buy it and sell it for more than you paid . my .02
  3. cdc351jeferson

    massive p3000.1 modded to run 1 ohm?

    Probably more trouble than it's worth man. Just buy a 1 ohm stable amp. Your running a risk using that amp at 1 ohm with mods
  4. cdc351jeferson

    Budget system $500?

    I would recommend buying what you need to get running. But also buy a design from someone and build a ported box or have someone build you a box. You can get so much better sound and output from a well designed box instead of a prefab
  5. cdc351jeferson

    Budget system $500?

    Doesnt seem like its a bad setup for 500$. Can you build your own box? What music do you listen too. I doubt you'll be happy with the sound of that box
  6. cdc351jeferson

    Another amp recommendation thread?

    Nah forgot they are dual coil subs good call Jim
  7. cdc351jeferson

    Another amp recommendation thread?

    isnt the W7 a 1.5ohm coil? I would get an amp that does the rms for the sub @2 ohms if so. That way after you get some boxrise youll be sitting right around rms or more @2 ohms with a good amp. As far as brands the list is too long of what to get. The list is much shorter on what not to get. If walmart carries it buy a different one.
  8. cdc351jeferson

    help finding the right amp

    Q1-750 Amplifier Cheap but good
  9. cdc351jeferson

    how to fight box rise????

    Go bigger on amp to compensate and wire down lower
  10. cdc351jeferson

    JL Audio 10w6v2-D4

    Post picture with user name and date of item to prove you own it
  11. cdc351jeferson

    Sound Stream Tarantula's

    i can vouch for soundqubed or AQ when i used them i had the 3500.1 ran at .5ohm for a year with no issues.
  12. cdc351jeferson

    Sound Stream Tarantula's

    Might be limited on a 300$ budget unless you buy used.
  13. cdc351jeferson

    Sound Stream Tarantula's

    what subs are you trying to run bro ?
  14. cdc351jeferson

    Sound Stream Tarantula's

    soundstreams newer stuff is in the same realm as hifonics. They do rated or close to it but they are built in china. Thats not necessarily a bad thing as they are built off proven designs. You will get different answers from people as some are brand snobs.
  15. Thought i would update as ive had a few days of playtime on this thing. Its not a SPL monster but still has impressive output. The sub is laughing at the kicker 500 though. Right now i have the box on 2" legs with sub firing down and port to driver side. I need to play with box positioning and maybe i can get it louder. It plays a wide range of frequencies well. On decaf it plays 28hz no problem and gets my windshield moving a bit. Then on pink floyd or gin blossoms ( clean tight bass btw) it sounds amazing. Overall im happy with this. 60$ for the amp and if you add the amp, sub and all mats used to build box, Im under 200$. Dont think i could beat the output and clarity of this for that price any other way.