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  1. thanks for the fyi, didn't think the technology became obsolete. Thought the conditions I subjected them to would have destroyed them.
  2. Not so much concerned as they were headed for the trash bin along with other spare parts. More interested in seeing if they still work after a decade of being lugged around the country in various moves including one in which my car flooded and these almost went submarine. Does speak to quality of DA back in the day since it appears they do work from next post!
  3. Looks like you're on. Any luck?
  4. My guess is that they didn't work?
  5. Np, I'm still hoping they work! As for the amp, I spoke too soon. Someone placed a bid for $29.99 on ebay and I'm ready to get it out the door...
  6. that would have been a perfect match. I do like what they are being used for though. I may be giving away a little 2 channel PPI amp as soon as no one buys it on Ebay!
  7. Uh, no they are on their way to itsblown.
  8. Ok, box is in the mail. Parcel Post. I'm in Va. My guess you get it by Sat maybe Mon.
  9. thanks for the welcome. They've been spoken for.
  10. Lol, both posts crack me up. Appreciate the humor. Just thrilled that they may help someone out. Hated to throw them out. Got some salvaged parts and wire that I'll throw in just to fill the box. Might be useful. Naked pics of you, uh, tempting but I'll pass...lol
  11. The tribe has spoken. PM me and we'll work out the details!
  12. rctoddjr59

    Virginia Beach, VA - July 28

    Wish I knew. Would have been fun.