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  1. Thats MACS...i know him and hes not selling....thanx....keith
  2. Hello... I have been searching for a PPI 2500f1 and have come up empty handed. So now I am offering a finders fee of $250, if the deal goes through, to anyone that can put me in touch with someone that is selling one. Thanx in advance....keith Please PM me if you know someone, posting it here isn't necessary...or email me at tt51217ty@yahoo.com
  3. Just like the title says I'm looking for some shrouds. A Fosgate Power 650 Shroud and I'm looking for 2 Power 300 Shrouds. I don't care about the condition, but price may be determined by condition. I pay shipping.... thanx in advance.. Keith
  4. 2 more deals about done thanx to oldschool4me and turboredneck...thanx...guys
  5. Gimme 5 min to look at the picture on a desktop and I'll get back to u shortly... Keith ---------- Post added at 11:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:31 PM ---------- I want them ALL... yippee
  6. Thanx Sub Bass and Jayzbent.... 2 bought and I'm still looking...
  7. Not Alma Gates build, although it would be nice--- just my car and my sons car...
  8. I'm a collector...and use my collection for my builds.... but I am getting a batch of PPI amps that are in rough shape Powder Coated and custom silk screened graphics... the silk screening cost a pretty penny to set up and is a better deal with more amps... right now I have 13 that are ready to be painted and 20 would be better..... My collection has about 50 amps plus the 13 fixer uppers...all Old School PPI and some RF