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  1. momax_powers

    What's the best amp under $300

    Current budget boner is Rockville amps. I've been having great luck with their 2channel 1200rms @4ohm certified for $115 shipped (can do 2ohm bridged as well) They have a couple good mono's .... Rockville rxd m4 (1500rms@1 for $149 shipped) rxd m5 (2k for 199)
  2. momax_powers

    FS: MB Quart DSC2000.1D

    175$ shipped? Same as sale price
  3. momax_powers

    lanzar opti2000d

    175$ shipped to toronto Canada L6R 1H8?
  4. momax_powers

    Adire Brahma 12''

    edit double post
  5. momax_powers

    Adire Brahma 12''

    interested in 12" Illusion Audio Luccent subwoofer (older model)
  6. momax_powers

    lanzar opti2000d

    Underrated amp....even though it says 2000 @ 0.5 ohm Tested 1936 watts rms @ 1ohm(resistive) 13.5v dropping to 13.2v 1%THD (73%efficiency) **same test method as amp dyno certified mode** Would you ship to Canada (toronto L6R 1H8)
  7. momax_powers

    Real Versus Fake Hertz HSK 165 Pictures

    how bad/good are the fakes when you look at it solely on price to performance eg Real HSK 165 cost around $500 and perform like $500 speakers (some may disagree buts lets just say they do) the fakes can be found for $100.....do they perform as good as other $100 sets......better? worse?
  8. momax_powers

    $400 for sq sub!

    here are some suggestions you should look into....price ranges cover different sizes Dayton Audio HO/HF - $150-$200 Dayton Audio Titanic mk4 - $150-$250 Stereo Integrity BM mkIV - $300 (my pick) JBL GTi mkii - $250-$400 CSS SDX - $170-$290 TC Sounds Epic - $150-$250 JL Audio W6/W7 - $250-$400 **USED** Sundown SD-2 8" - $150 or wait for the new SD-3 line for 10"/12" - $150-$200 Image Dynamic IDQ - $280-$320 SSA GCON - $230-$275 SSA ICON - $340-$375 Incriminator Audio Flatlyne - $350-$400 (second pick) FI Q - $300-$400 Audison voce - $325-$400 Hertz Hi-Energy - $250-$400
  9. momax_powers

    Planet Audio BB4000.1 and BB 1200.4 Guts

    This amp most likely does around 600ish@4, 1000ish@2, 1800ish@1
  10. cca is fine.....just think of it this way...every city power grid uses aluminum cabling lasting decades. as long as its properly sealed and secured no worries
  11. momax_powers

    Components and Coaxials, 1 amp or 2??

    Ppi p900.4 or soundstream tn940.4 Both cost around $180 new from sonic and do more than rated...very compact and efficient
  12. momax_powers


    Roadkill is the best budget deadener, i use knu kolossus and its the best one ive used....roofing material is for roofing and is the worst for your car as are all other asphalt based materials as they smell abd dont hold up over time even with proper installation
  13. momax_powers

    JL Audio 3 10 inch subs in one original box

    Those in glass houses...
  14. momax_powers

    New 15 inch sub setup/recommendations

    $230 is the new price from dealer last i checked...seems reasonable
  15. If the alt is a no go look into ultra/super capacitors, specifically a bank of six maxwell 3000F 2.7v caps. BUT MAKE SURE YOU READ, READ, READ ALL THE INFO YOU CAN before deciding to use them