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  1. bmk6795

    Selling 1st item from here

    Take pics of what you're sending before/while/after packing, or better yet video it all, even taking it in to the shipping company. Take a pic of the amps weight. It's possible to be scammed, but only if you dont cover your ***, and/or you pay with gift, in this case you're selling so the latter doesn't apply. But the latter is also what got me when I first started here. Hell I'd also get the amp powering on and pushing a sub in a vid. State the date or something in it.
  2. What's up guys. Gonna be building a box for a hdc 3 12 in a 2013 civic. Just have a question regarding port orientation, should I fire sub/port back or sub back port to side? Not going for numbers or anything just a daily woofer. I've always done both back, what would you guys do?
  3. Was wondering the reason photobucket photos weren't loading anymore. What bullshit. Time to switch to imgur.
  4. bmk6795

    Rubicon Fried

    Not really a question just sharing my experience. maybe a bad connection but idk my Skar is working just fine in there. Amp was just screwed down to the trunk floor, so maybe this is the cause. Hadn't got around to making something to hold them yet, just got everything back installed after the old system was stolen.
  5. bmk6795

    Rubicon Fried

    Here we have a soundstream rubicon 1600 that I bought a month ago. Just hooked it up 2 weeks ago. Went on vacation bumped almost the whole way there, hit a pot hole, heard a pop, sub cut out. Fuse in the power wire popped. I replaced the fuse, turned the radio on, and instantly, smoke was coming outta the amp. It had been off for like 36 hours or more before I turned it on.
  6. bmk6795

    Tymphany and B&C

    I've got a pair of 6.5" silverflutes if you're interested.
  7. bmk6795

    HDC 15, Skar T2000, Gnb 80ah Batt

    160+ ship on sub 285+ ship on amp 420+ ship for the pair