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  1. bmk6795

    Check my Design

    Skar T2000 for the time being. Need another battery and alt before I can run more, not sure if I want to go that route though. Any benefit to keeping the port in the box? I had planned on 18" of the port hanging out of the box. I kinda like leaving the port out of the box, let's me keep the box smaller. I already debated selling the 12 and finding a 10 or an 8, but I don't think I'll get the performance I want from either. I actually have a few 6" pvc elbows left from another project I just finished up, still need to go get the pipe and a coupler to make the port though. Guess I wont need the coupler if I use an elbow.
  2. What's up ca. Been a while since I've been here. I'm bout to build a box for my hdc 3 12. This is the design im going with, the only thing I'm weary about is the high port area/ft and using an aero. The only other thing I want to do different would be use a 6.5" port, but I can't find any 6.5" material, any ideas?
  3. bmk6795

    Selling 1st item from here

    Take pics of what you're sending before/while/after packing, or better yet video it all, even taking it in to the shipping company. Take a pic of the amps weight. It's possible to be scammed, but only if you dont cover your ***, and/or you pay with gift, in this case you're selling so the latter doesn't apply. But the latter is also what got me when I first started here. Hell I'd also get the amp powering on and pushing a sub in a vid. State the date or something in it.
  4. What's up guys. Gonna be building a box for a hdc 3 12 in a 2013 civic. Just have a question regarding port orientation, should I fire sub/port back or sub back port to side? Not going for numbers or anything just a daily woofer. I've always done both back, what would you guys do?
  5. Was wondering the reason photobucket photos weren't loading anymore. What bullshit. Time to switch to imgur.