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  1. Wanacustomx

    Need help on 4 channel

    I gotta DC Audio 90.4 I'll let go for 250$ basically brand new
  2. Wanacustomx

    Lots for sale!!!

  3. Wanacustomx

    Lots for sale!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 crescendo audio bc5500d 2 crescendo audio c1100.4's Amps have been removed from box but never powered or mounted. Obviously removed for custom paint. Looking for 1600obo shipped for all 3, will throw in dual input terminals for all 3 Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).
  4. Wanacustomx

    WTB Very Reliable Amp 1500-2000 RMS

    Boom!! Gotta arc audio ks1200.1 will definitely do in the high 1500's at 2 ohms, super efficient. Microprocessor controlled and fan cooled
  5. Wanacustomx

    WTT 15" RE XXX for 2k+

    I got an arc audio ks1200.1, extremely underrated very expensive I like that re audio
  6. Wanacustomx

    2 dd 1508sc

    Skar vvx with a recone
  7. Okay thanks man, lemme know I just got back into town today.
  8. Trade for a treo ssx?
  9. Wanacustomx

    Running stock alt on 2200 watts

    Recent install with a bc2k at .7 with 1 d3400 up front and 2 xp950's in the back, big 3, and it stays in mid 13's
  10. Wanacustomx

    Digital Designs M.80

    Any trades?
  11. Well if he's using any of the subs he stated, he's gonna need bracing and a lot of it, why not kill two birds with one stone (still get loud, brace)? Maybe harder to build and tune but it also cost more money, which seems to be an issue in this equation, to do an aero
  12. Also just do a slot port. Sorry for the crazy long messages, just givin you a head start on a topic I'm knowledgable about
  13. Oh yeah also to mention my 18" box was on the exact same amp just tuned to 28hz and did a 141.6 compared to the recent box I built tuned at 35hz that did a 146.6. So that's a huge difference, on the same amp. My honest opinion after seeing both results and peoples reactions, when you got an 18" people wanna hear that BOOM FACTOR, make me saw "ow" or "holy s@#t" and I just didn't get that from low tuning whatsoever. Also when you hit the meter people kinda talk like, "**** that's it?" Especially when you can get close to the same results from mid 30's tuning. Try 34-35hz with about 16 sq inches per. I wouldn't go any higher than that for an 18. If you want numbers try 37 hz with 16 inches per. And lemme know your results
  14. Did a box for a treo audio ssx18" 4" coil like the sp4, like 5.5cubes on a bc2k tuned at 35hz does right at a 147... If I could do it again probably tune to about 37, and about 6 cubes. When I built my single 18" box years ago it just wouldn't do good numbers at all tuned low, I mean like 42's maybe with 7 cubes. Yeah it hit low notes great had no high end whatsoever, I like the treo box cause right at 45hz it's painful, and it still hits a 30hz note easily