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  1. Thanks - I've got another person telling me to invest in a HO alternator....is that necessary?
  2. I think I'm in the home stretch with figuring out everything for my first system. It's been more than 6 years that I've been going back and forth about buying a system, and I think I actually might pull the trigger! One of my last questions is regarding an additional battery. I don't know if I should get a second battery to work with my stock battery, or if I should just buy a more powerful battery to REPLACE the stock battery with. The system would be right around 1000 rms for a 2012 Civic LX when it's all said and done. I was told to steer clear of capacitors. Any thoughts or advantages/disadvantages to either way?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. The back and forth about the sub is an example of why I've spent over 6 years before even purchasing anything. I arrived at the type X after taking with the shop owner. If there are truly better alternatives then I'd be happy to explore my options. Lastly - that battery is appropriate for the proposed system, yes? Again, it would be replacing the stock battery. I would NOT be using it as a secondary battery elsewhere in the car.
  4. The new battery would be replacing the stock battery. What other subs are better or equal for less money?? And the shop I'm working with is building a custom box for the sub I end up choosing.
  5. I've literally been a member on this forum for 6 years and have yet to pull the trigger on a soundsystem. It has been, and still kind of it, completely overwhelming to me. Anyway - here's my latest list of stuff I'm thinking of getting. I also think I've picked a correctly sized replacement battery, but wanted to run it by some other eyeballs. Here's what I've got - Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-X7800BHS Front Components: Morel Maximo 6 Front Amp: Zapco ST-4XSQ Studio X Series Sub: Single Alpine X-W12D4 Sub Amp: Alpine MRV-M1200 Monoblock 1200 Watts RMS Class D Amplifier Now for the battery - from what I read you're supposed to match the battery "Cranking Amps" to your total system RMS. Sub (900 RMS) + Morels (90 RMS) = 990 RMS. Battery: XS Power D3400 (Cranking Amps = 1000). Everything seem alright? Battery works for that system? Missing anything?
  6. What other subs would give me that bang for my buck?
  7. They're doing the wiring for $160. Thanks! Correct - they're leaving the rear deck as it is. And the reason I ended up on that deck was because I don't need anything fancy. I don't need a touchscreen. My only requirements were that it be compatible with the front speakers/amp and that it had a usb and an aux input. Any particular reason for this instead of the Alpine?
  8. Yeah? Any recommendations?
  9. $1900 for the installation of everything listed above. This also includes a double layer of dynomat in the front doors, rear doors, and trunk, and a custom box with a custom privacy cover. I forgot to say that I need to purchase a capacitor as well. Are there any ones I should be looking for?
  10. Gotcha - I arrived at that list from a combination of forum posts and talking with the shop owner. It's more of an SQL build since I'm more concerned with that vs. straight up loud. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Hi All; I'm looking into my first system - for a 2012 Civic LX - and I've got a quote from a shop for a full install. Below is the running list of what I've got in my shopping cart. Does anything seem out of place, or does it all seem to make sense? I'm also wanting to double check that everything will work with each other. It's always helpful to have additional eyes on this stuff before I pull the trigger. Headunit: Pioneer DEH-X7800BHS Front Speakers: Morel Maximo 6 Front 4-Channel Amp: Alpine MRV-F300 Sub: One Alpine X-W12D4 Sub Amp: Alpine MRV-M1200 The shop would build a custom box for the sub, so that's why it's not included here. Am I on the right track? Again - this is a whole new world to me.
  12. Rhythm

    what should i buy?

    I see what you did there...
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    car audio anonymous

    Another reason as to why I'm waiting. First brand new car, first audio upgrade. I want to wait for the right time/item/price.
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    car audio anonymous

    I have a research problem. I have had my new car for 11 months and I can't pull the trigger on anything
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    Experiences with Craigslist?

    Alright cool. I'll start digging around here.