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  1. Looking for a 1.5 Din CD player from either Pioneer or Alpine, model does not matter, would like to find something in nice condition.
  2. I'm looking for capacitors to use on our slot car track. Our power supplies run 14 to 16 volts and we need 2 caps per lane for the track. When researching them I've found that most don't come close to the farad rating. We need good quality. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  3. IndyStreetRacer

    multiple amps for sale

    Is the Image Dynamics amp still for sale ?
  4. IndyStreetRacer

    FS eclipse 3650 5ch!!!

    Is this still available?
  5. IndyStreetRacer

    FS: Ample Audio 551 (5-channel)

    I'd offer $60.00
  6. IndyStreetRacer

    The right subs

    These are the boxes I had made for my 08 Crew Cab. 12" Obisdians in each. I raised my seat up 2.5"
  7. IndyStreetRacer

    JL Audio 300/4V2 Slash 75Wx4

    The amp is JL AUDIO and not Alpine, in case you want to change the listing. You should add a picture of a paper with the date and your username on it next to the amp, so everyone knows that you actually have this amp to sell. The post may get deleted otherwise.
  8. IndyStreetRacer

    McIntosh MCC222 220x2 Real Power Incredible Amp!!!

    1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. You might want to add picture of amp with the paper with your name and date on it before the post gets deleted.
  9. IndyStreetRacer

    Image Dynamics CTX6.5 cs\CTX65\IDQ 12 v4 D2

    $500.00 shipped for everything ?
  10. IndyStreetRacer

    Dayton Audio RS180-4 7" mids

    Will you take $75.00 shipped for them?
  11. IndyStreetRacer

    Dayton Audio RS180-4 7" mids

    Does anyone know if these will fit in the doors of a 2008-2013 Silverado?
  12. IndyStreetRacer

    Pioneer AVH-8400BH

    I need the Paypal info
  13. IndyStreetRacer

    Pioneer AVH-8400BH

    sent PM 1st in line