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    Currently planning on becoming a mechanical engineer in the automotive field.
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    Running track, loud music, and fast cars.
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  1. Tenacious

    Zeusilicious HORRIBLE seller

    Requesting that a buyer pay as a gift is against the rules anyway. Sketchy business here.
  2. Tenacious

    Pioneer premier deh-880prs

    What's the difference between this model and a 80prs? Just curious
  3. Tenacious

    Wtb kicker L7s

    He's trying to buy L7s... He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about anyway
  4. Tenacious

    would 3 10s or 2 12s sealed be louder?

    Also take into consideration that 3 10s will probably have more motor force and may (or may not) require a smaller box
  5. Tenacious

    Help, opinions, and expertise needed!

    It should. Just make sure to measure where you want to put it, and also measure any openings before making/ordering a box And 2 12s would be louder than a single 15
  6. Tenacious

    What frequencies are...

    Download Audacity and check... Analyze -> plot, change size to the biggest number, and change axis to log Anyway, Faded peaks at 34 Hz at -4db and 50Hz at -12.1db
  7. Tenacious

    Help, opinions, and expertise needed!

    It's hard to say... The 15 would have more cone area, but the 10s would have more motor force. The 15 would most likely be louder on the same power though
  8. Tenacious

    which subs?

    2 8s would be much easier to fit and making a box would probably be easier
  9. Tenacious

    JL Audio 12W7 12" 3ohm

    I had one of them in my car... It doesn't handle low bass well. It's more loudness-oriented than sound quality oriented.
  10. Tenacious

    Help, opinions, and expertise needed!

    They're a great balance between SQ and SPL, especially for their price. Just don't expect to push more than 1000w to each
  11. Tenacious

    JL Audio 12W7 12" 3ohm

    And to the OP: both would sound "good" but a ported box would be louder. If you decide to go with a ported box, have it professionally built
  12. Tenacious

    JL Audio 12W7 12" 3ohm

    That wasn't him... the site is glitching
  13. Tenacious

    Pyle 15's

    It must be the green surrounds.
  14. Tenacious

    Speaker amp to sub amp

    It depends. Some amps have RCA preouts on them (usually right next to the RCA inputs) - this simply sends the unamplified signal straight through to the other amp. Otherwise you'll need to split the RCAs
  15. Tenacious

    Are more expensive 3.5mm cables worth it?

    My $3 one from Walmart works fine... Of course, I'm usually using my iPhone sync cable anyway.