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  1. Iosias

    Zed Audio Leviathan III

    Just got one in a few days ago as well, excited to try it out.
  2. Iosias

    What the hell BB&t?

    Keep going up the chain of command, ask to talk to a manager.. The bank has to be the one to disclose whats happening at least up to what they know. If you have to have them file it as a fraudulent charge on your account.
  3. Iosias

    4- tantric shd 15's dual .5

    I wouldnt trust anything this guy says ^^^..... But I do bet they sound good....
  4. Iosias

    Tantric Mids, pics inside

    I may be interested in these once there some more info and T/s specs
  5. Iosias

    new kid

    You will soon learn you know nothing...
  6. Every single one I have owned has had dual inputs, its a convenience thing. Both inputs are fused on the inside.
  7. Iosias

    Best SQ sub under 200?

    The W6v2s sound a little better but cant match output in my opinion (Ive owned both) Id also have a custom box designed for them.
  8. Iosias

    Best SQ sub under 200?

    You will be very surprised with them, especially if you go with 12s and give them enough airspace.
  9. Iosias

    Best SQ sub under 200?

    Dayton HO, period.
  10. Iosias

    never heard this..

    Because thats not how those noise issues are created.