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  1. Well im currently trying to have ups return to sender but for some reason i tried to initiate a return but it says no returns on flammable or hazardous materials wtf its a subwoofer!! And it never said ANYWHERE NO RETURNS!!! So im about to have a heart attack overhere im pissed how is amazon not gonna do returns on a purchase!! Ahh what crappy luck of mine right??
  2. man now im stressed out!! Im currently trying to cancel my purchase and have it sent back to seller ill cross my finger!! What if i put them in separate boxes with separate amps would that work out or still not a good idea? Ahh wtf did i do! !
  3. I own 2 jl audio w6v2d4 but recently it wasnt sounding good and i thought it was my box that became loose ao i took it down and pulled the subs out and what do i see?? One of my subs rubber surround was torn up and when i push the sub in and out it makes a scratchy noise so im guessing its done now i just ordered a jl sub 12W3v3-4 to take its place now my question is its being powered by a Polk Audio PA D1000.1 Class D amp . Now my question is would i be ok to power both with that amp or should i have a separate one for each sub since each requires different wattage?