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  1. take dmm and check how much power is coming out. how are subs wired? whats HU settings etc etc etc
  2. jungstah

    new guy from Norcal

  3. Why do you need this many threads asking the same thing? Use the search function and do your own research, your mom aint here to spoon feed you information. Perhaps google harder and see what ppl have to say about it. At 300 euros you could get better
  4. jungstah

    best budget sub?

    an e12 is a great sub for the money.
  5. jungstah

    Subs keep blowing.

    500 watts is 500 watts is 500 watts, 1 ohm just means amp doesnt need to work as hard to put 500 to the sub.
  6. jungstah

    protected car audo lines

    whats protective mean?
  7. jungstah

    Opinion/Review on Rockford Fosgate 12" Subwoofer

    ohhh its a powered enclosure...in that case, you can probably do a little better with your money. but if you just want it for the convenience of semi plug and play then go for it.
  8. jungstah

    Opinion/Review on Rockford Fosgate 12" Subwoofer

    depends on how much you payin for it.
  9. jungstah

    jl w7 13

    please start using some periods OP. reading your posts hurts my head.
  10. jungstah

    Overpowering Rockford Sub?

    no, the gain knob does not indicate how much power you are putting out. set gains properly by ear or with a dmm at least to prevent clipping. I would stay near the rated power range and not go over too much on that sub just to be safe.
  11. jungstah

    Speaker Wiring

    You can leave em in there. unless you're going for sq, you dont need to worry about taking them out
  12. jungstah

    26,000 Watt - $1,700 Good or Bad?

    you still did not list any brand names or models of the equipment from your first post. real talk...a simple search on this forum will show you exactly what brands and products are good and bad, best bangs for the buck, products that are popular right now, etc etc.
  13. jungstah

    26,000 Watt - $1,700 Good or Bad?

    do it. in4lulz
  14. jungstah

    big 3 or better battery?

    having one or the other wont do much good, but i would take a beefier battery over big 3 + bad battery though.
  15. jungstah

    why two subs for normal use?

    The definition of loud is different for each person. Also, there are single subs that can get louder than two crappy subs. so to answer your question, only you can be the judge for how much louder an extra sub would be.