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    Just got a 2008 Honda Civic EX, need to get a decent system built on a budget!
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  1. Warpshift

    Insulating wiring

    In my last 2 vehicles, the decks both had wiring issues. They would be fine for about a year, then randomly play on either the left side or right side. Only after about an hour or so would both left and right sides of the car play together. Maybe I should have labeled this as a deck wiring issue?
  2. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    I wasn't paying attention and the blade caught the glove. i jerked and the whole machine came off the table, ripped the cord out of the wall, and I was done.
  3. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    I'm wanting to best sound without the ungodly all bass and no highs to my music. Plus lately I have been all about that Retrowave and Space Dreams genres.
  4. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    Tha's one of the biggest reasons why I don't want a ported box. Most that I have seen even for an 8in sub are much bigger than a sealed box. I don't want my entire trunk to be composed of a subwoofer. I do use my car for roadtrips and hauling stuffs too.
  5. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    I really want to run another 8in sealed box. I'm thinking either Sundown Audio, DC Audio, or maybe one from American Bass. Oh and the last time I attempted to build a box, I damn near cut my fingers off.
  6. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    I was going to remove the 4ch amp from my truck which is a Pioneer GM-D8604. Maybe keep my Polk DB+ sub too, but I doubt it. My Pioneer is working great and I'm not trying to blow out windows or anything crazy.
  7. So myself and my net admin are having a debate on what car has your Precision Power gear in. I say a Camry, he says a Volvo. Who is right? 

    1. DRBOOM


      Neither mate, it was a 2001 Ford Laser!  Got a new ride now, a Mitsubishi ASX mate, don't know if you have that in the States. I am in Sydney Australia.

      I sold most of those gear but currently have a PPI PC450 amp running high duties.  I will be replacing that with a Hertz HDP-4 amp.

      Thanks for your raising your question mate!

    2. Warpshift


      Damn we were both way off. Also no we don't have those here stateside. The closest that I think a Ford Laser could be compared to would be a Ford Focus. 

    3. DRBOOM


      Most likely,  we are lucky to get the best car audio of both worlds, we have British car audio gear such as Vibe, Goodmans, , gear from Europe such as Hertz, Audison, Scan speak, Peerless, McIntosh, Arc Audio, Morel and also US based brands such as Soundstream, Rockford Fosgate, Phoenix Gold, Kicker, and then we have generic Japanese brands such as Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood and then the bottom we have Juni,  Precision Audio,  Soundstorm, Lanka, Motorpro, and unfamiliar Chinese brands with hard to pronounce names. 

      We have this brand called Option Audio gear, all made in China , but then most products are made there.

      Also check out Alibaba for bulk car audio gear.

      So nobody won the bet huh??

      Enjoy your day mate!


  8. Warpshift

    Steering wheel control adapters..worth it?

    Well I put my phone on BT mode then just go. Usually have playlists coming in from Spotify so I only really touch the volume up/down unless I'm switching music types, then I just switch the EQ to another custom setting. I can't say I have tried applying makeup at 75mph while I on the freeway. Maybe that will make it to my bucket-list when I have given up all hope in life. 🤣🤣
  9. So I just bought a new daily driver in the form of a 2008 Honda Civic 4D. I have steering wheel controls on it, but they are just for volume up or down and same with channel up or down. Is buying a steering wheel adapter really worth it? I didn't see much of anything related to steering wheel controls on the site. What I did find is that the adapters are expensive and have mixed results on effectiveness and longevity. This doesn't bold well with me either. I have an older Nissan Frontier that has no steering wheel controls and I always got along well without them, but I am unsure on my Honda. Yes it's convenient having them for the stock radio (which is absolute garbage), but I don't see how having basic controls would help me in anyway with whatever upgraded h/u I purchase. Any ideas or thoughts?
  10. What would be the best way to insulate wiring to keep our lovely AZ heat from destroying everything?
  11. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    He was insanely helpful in what to look for and what to buy.
  12. Warpshift

    Been some time....

    So I had created an account on this site over 5yrs ago and never really got back into it, vs buying some audio components from a great member named Jim. However he definitely pointed me down the right path for my truck's older, but still working great sound stage. I can tear apart a car, PCs, and currently building my own homelab so I can finally knock out my Network+ and Security+ certs. However I have always been scared to do all the wiring for speakers in a vehicle as the last time I did it, I managed to blow a brand new set of old school CDT speakers. Anywho, I just picked up a new daily driver that I will be pouring over the forums for the best audio system I can build without breaking the bank. Oh and that new vehicle is a 2008 Honda Civic EX 4D. I need to install a new h/u and speakers. Then a decent sub to round it all out.