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  1. LBC

    box rise question

    I feel this way not because I don't understand it, but because what I said is true. There are too many variables to take into account. By your own admission no software exists to do it and nobody is going to write it. Even if they did, nobody would fill in enough of the variables to make it accurate. you are arguing it because you don't understand it. If you did, you wouldn't be in here posting. Everything I have said has been 100% accurate and you have failed to demonstrate otherwise. you're just filled with hatred and butthurt and 0 facts. You have tried, you have failed. Move along.
  2. LBC

    box rise question

    Your quoted statements didn't prove what you wanted them to prove. You claimed I provided no facts. I made it clear that since he provided "facts" that proved him wrong, there was no need for me to do so. Please try to pay attention from now on. You waited a month or so to do it, after I showed no activity. It's safe to say you didn't want to get my attention.
  3. LBC

    box rise question

    Your idiotic ad hominem attacks do not phase me. Don't think because you're a mod on a dead forum that you deserve any sort of respect. I supported what I said. I simply used someone else's "Facts" to do it. You are criticizing me because you either do not understand what was said, or you have chosen to ignore it. Either way that is your fault and not mine. you called me lazy and wrong and said it's possible, but that you're too lazy to do it. You're nothing more than an arrogant hypocrite. I'm glad you'll be ignoring me.... so you don't continue to make yourself look foolish. Way to dig up and old thread hoping I wouldn't see your ignorance and continue to show you for what you are. To sum up what he said, "you said there are no programs that accurately calculate rise in a real world install.... that's true but there could be, and I could even write it... but I won't and neither will anyone else". Thus confirming that what I said is true. LMAO.
  4. LBC

    Can someone help identify this sub?

    It's not a btl. Their "ufo" btl was single slug. Maybe sp4 if it is indeed FI.
  5. Ipods and iphones transcode on the fly adjusting for their own gain. This is why you can play flac even when cd players don't support flac. So no, it doesn't just open a data connection and stream files to the cd player. It has it's own gain adjustment that it makes during the transcode. Don't give snotty replies like "if you had read". You're the one doing something wrong. Humbly take advice of the people trying to help you.
  6. yes that's why you can't use that phone. you need to use something else. iphones, ipods, or any external player is garbage for setting your gain. you need a disc, or thumb drive, or something with no volume/gain control of it's own.
  7. [quote name='sjv13']@mylows10; @LBC; @dunerider650; Alright guys, I tried it again with the subsonic filter set to 5hz (lowest), LPF set to 400 (highest), bass boost at 0, and gain was at exactly half. I tightened down the DMM's leads into the speaker wire outputs. The head unit was at 50/62, loudness off, no EQ settings, etc. The bass knob was all the way up. I played a 0dB 50hz 192kbps (only bitrate available) sine wave from realmofexcursion.com that I downloaded to my iPhone. I set the DMM to AC volts. Reading = ~ 00.21 volts. What am I doing wrong here!? [ATTACH=CONFIG]26537602[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26537600[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26537601[/ATTACH][/QUOTE] Use a cd. Download the SMD DD-1 disc and use track 1. 40hz at 0db. Burn it and use that. your iphone has to be the problem. It has a volume and gain of it's own.
  8. That's music. You're wasting your time measuring the voltage on music.
  9. [quote name='sjv13']@mylows10; @LBC; @dunerider650; Alright, so I went out to try to set the gain again. I put it on AC this time and I got some type of a reading. There were a few strange things though that make me think I'm still doing something wrong. 1) I need to have the meter set on mV to get a reading anywhere close to the 31.62 I'm looking for, although the number DOES rise with upping the gain and I also tested it with a song to make sure it happens when the bass hits, which it does. I get a reading that looks like this, " ~ 031.6 mV " 2) I played a song with the gain set like this (and the gain was at about 1/5 of the way up) and it was no where near what I was used to hearing 3) It was originally set by a car audio shop, so I set it to where it was before I started fiddling with it and the meter was reading UP TO " ~ 080.0 mV " or so on bass hits in some songs like Smile Back from Mac Miller These things lead me to believe I'm still doing something wrong. Can you help me?[COLOR="Silver"] [SIZE=1]---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:15 PM ----------[/SIZE] [/COLOR] I did clamp them down with the set screws actually. And I'm still getting the type of reading in the post right above this one.[/QUOTE] On your amp, turn your low pass filter all the way up, turn your subsonic all the way down, turn bass boost off. Make sure your tone is recorded at 0db. Try it again.
  10. LBC

    150db trunk setup

    Awesome that he builds custom subs. That means NOTHING as to how much he knows about trunk setups. By your logic, all mechanics are also expert nascar crew chiefs. Building woofers does not by extension make anyone an expert at spl trunks just like building engines doesn't make anyone an expert on professional racing. Logic > you.
  11. LBC

    150db trunk setup

    Thank you! You are correct.
  12. LBC

    150db trunk setup

    Lol so hold on. Not saying I do or don't... but your logic is that I can't point out that splaudio has 0 credentials to prove his trunk expertise but yet even though I made no trunk claims somehow I have to have some and he doesn't? Wow you're a genius.
  13. LBC

    150db trunk setup

    Now now maxima, splaudio has loads of credentials. he has won....... he has won..... he has..... oh f it you're right. STFU dean.