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  1. raptor727

    Chevy HHR any good for builds?

    So not enough room for a decent c pillar? I was just going to do four sa15's a lithium and a flatline FL2. I got three kids so b pillar is kinda out of the question lmao
  2. raptor727

    Chevy HHR any good for builds?

    Oh and I am leaning towards the 2.2L but may get an ss if I can find one cheap enough
  3. Tempted to get back into audio and was considering a Chevy HHR for a c-pillqr wall. My question is does anyone have experience building in one like what is the alternator situation like? I heard Mike at singer makes a 320 hairpin for it. Also 4 15's sound on the large side for a c pillar in this car? Thanks for any and all knowledge on this