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  1. pdx9500

    Sundown SAE 1200D for sale!

    still got this?
  2. pdx9500

    12" ZV3 XBL Proto

    i like. check nbox.
  3. pdx9500

    FS audio pipe 3k

    this is sold if you get back to me.
  4. pdx9500

    SS Rubicon 2500.1D - $250.00 Shipped

    trade for an 06 us amps md2d lnib?
  5. pdx9500

    2 15' Kicker CVX 2ohm

    you gotta have username/date in the same picture as the subs.
  6. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    yup, il be taking some pics today. just threw it up cause i had it on the computer.
  7. they could take that just turn the gain down a bit lol
  8. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    how much on top for your 4s?
  9. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    15 is too big man. mustang trunk lol looking to seal off 12s ported into the car
  10. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    lookin for 300 obo.. or a trade for some 12s...
  11. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    traded from jackvader, aero ports are also avaliable.... bnib precision ports 4"
  12. pdx9500

    Sundown Sa10s

    looking to upgrade to 2 12s. trying to sell these quick! looking for 300obo just a number we can talk... these are super clean. d4 rated at 600 rms, easily can take 1000 daily. pictures will be up in a couple minutes, computer is slooooow.