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  1. I am looking at Upgrading the audio system in my 14 civic, but before I started ordering stuff I wanted to check and see if I can find any good deals on any of the parts Im needing. WTB LIST: Battery Isolator Around 15ft of power wire. (4 gauge or larger) Line out converter, Wanting to run a sub amp and a 2ch on the front. Id prefer something along the lines of a lc2i or larger. 20FT of 9wire/speed wire. As far as 6.5's go I would be interested in just about anything decent, I am not really interested in high end stuff like millies/ID etc. This will be nowhere near a SPL/SQ build.
  2. MutantDreams

    Amplifier power raised

    Probably a decent bit louder. But more importantly it should save the speakers from having the coils burnt up.
  3. MutantDreams


    Yeah you will be fine by the time you pull the neg cable off, and unbolt the seat you will be more than fine. Just make sure you plug it back in before you hook the battery up, or it might throw an airbag light. Which isn't a big deal to reset, but still.
  4. MutantDreams

    Wire size and fuse.

    No problem, enjoy your bass!
  5. MutantDreams

    Wire size and fuse.

    Personally out of those I would do the 100 or 80, the 60 might be fine, because for the amp to pull 60a it would be at a almost failure point at the amp. So you can run the 80a and you will be %100 fine, and then you can save the 100a incase you upgrade your amp in the future
  6. MutantDreams

    Wire size and fuse.

    Oh, and I'm definitely not trying to sound rude, some things in car audio arnt that important for most people ( sound deadening, soldering as opposed to crimps, etc,) But this fusing can save your car, and more importantly, it could actually save your life.
  7. MutantDreams

    Wire size and fuse.

    But according to the Mecp study guide ( basic) you fuse based on the wire size. The battery fuse is to protect the wire. Fuses on the amp will protect the amp. If there are no fuses, you can fuse based on the amps current draw. Realistically you can fuse it at whatever you want, I can't make you do anything. If your amp only pulled 60a, a 80a fuse will protect the amp the same as a 300a fuse, but I'm just telling you what I would do. Fuse it at the wire rating, and let it ride. To;dr Fuse however you want, just do more than amp draw, that particular fuse protects the car/wire and nothing else.
  8. MutantDreams

    Wire size and fuse.

    You can, but realistically, the fuses are for the wire. For me it just depends on what I have laying around. I've ran 0 gauge with 80a of fusing, and I've ran 0 with 300a of fusing both on the same amp, just different cars. Usually fuses are like +/- a few %, so a 100a fuse might take a second of 110a and be fine, or it could blow at 95. You really should fuse at 300a, then you will never have to worry about messing with it unless you do one hell if an upgrade.
  9. MutantDreams

    FS Kicker SX 1200.1

    I'll buy it if you will take a $1000.00 money order and send me the excess money back.
  10. MutantDreams

    Weird Problem.Help!

    I had the same thing happen, my issue was a bad headunit. But I'd replace rcas too.
  11. MutantDreams

    Bradl79 is a good buyer.

    He was a very fantastic buyer, he was very prompt to send payment, and told me immediately about item arrival. Overall stand up guy.
  12. MutantDreams

    Rockford Power vs Alpine Type R

    Are you running coax or component?
  13. I personally think it would sound better with one sub in the correct airspace as opposed to two subs in .75
  14. MutantDreams

    Hifonics Zeus 3000.1 Problem

    The best way to test the problem is this. 1 disconnect everything from the amp 2 disconnect rcas from the head unit 3 hook up power/ground/remote, then test if it goes into protect, it has nothing to do with rcas, if it's fine, go to the next step. 4 hook rcas to amp ( no connection to headunit.) if it goes into protect, rcas could be bad, or inputs on the amp. 5 hook rcas to head unit. If it cuts out it could be rcas or the headunit. 6 hook up speaker wire. ( make sure subs are the correct impudence for the amp. 7 test. Depending on what step it fails at, could be the problem. If it seems random, make sure grounds are secured to a good firm location.
  15. MutantDreams

    Hifonics Zeus 3000.1 Problem

    It could be the inputs on the amp are gone.