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  1. Ordered the 3 id8's kha suggested, may not be monsters but should work for what we are going for.
  2. Thanks for the offer but it looks to me like the qts is to low and the fs is to high for a good infinite baffle sub. Nice looking sub though.
  3. Depends on the subs. If someone offers a set up at %20 retail in good shape I am willing to spend more.
  4. From what little I know the sa-8s are not good ib. And he pulled down his ad I'm fishing to see what I can find used first. But will keep that in mind.
  5. From what little I know the sa-8s are not good ib. And he pulled down his ad I'm fishing to see what I can find used first. But will keep that in mind.
  6. Last time I checked an infinite baffle did not involve a box. Me being a smart *** aside, subs.
  7. Curious if anyone has anything they are looking to get rid of that might fit what I'm looking for.
  8. husker77

    setup advice

    Well, we may go over budget. He already has the 6.5" front stage, I have all the rca's(stinger expert series) and most of the wiring. I have a couple of eclipse amps I can use and maybe even the 15" TI'S(not sure how well they would work IB) to get him buy till I get my vehicle ready to install them in or he gets his own equipment. He would also be plenty happy just getting the front stage in for now, he is in college and the car is here so he doesn't get to drive it much. I'm hoping to find a used one closer to the $300 mark.
  9. husker77

    setup advice

    As I research this more I am really leaning towards a jbl ms-8. We can hid the main part in the glove box or trunk and make a mount to attach the small screen to his ashtray, which he never uses anyway. The remote should allow all the control he would ever need and I would not think he would outgrow it. I will probably need to find a good deal on a used one. Also looking at some of the other processors similar but not as fond of their displays and remotes, if they even have them, but I'm curious if anyone has suggestion of similar products.
  10. husker77

    setup advice

    Cool, good to know. You talking to me? I understand they are not the same, thought about the rf 3sixty.3(or whatever), but is a little more than he wants to deal with. Like I said after a decent daily system. There wont even be a head unit. No offense but that looks like a cluster, plus no way to really tune anything besides the amp crossovers I guess. Any one have any other suggestions for eq's? I think we will just use a couple of my eclipse amps and get a 10" or 12" sub.
  11. husker77

    setup advice

    I know there are a ton of these threads, everyone asking for help. I have not really bought new equipment in 16 years so I don't really know what is good anymore. Looking to get my kid's new car set up for him for Christmas. It is a 67 Ford Galaxie and real original and in good shape. He doesn't want to cut the dash for a modern stereo or even pull out the old am radio either. Like most kids he only listens to digital music anyway so was thinking of running a sound processor/eq that he can just plug his ipod into, we should be able to mount it under the dash where it wont really stick out but still be easy to reach. Something like Clarion EQS746 7-Band Graphic Rotary Equalizer / EQ w/Aux Input. Probably a 2 channel amp to run a set of separates up front and a sub amp and most likely a single sub. I think we can get 6 cubes pretty easy and port it through the rear package tray. He isn't worried about bass you can hear blocks away, just a nice sounding system that can get loud enough. What can you guys recommend, probably trying to keep it under $500. Also wouldn't mind going used either.
  12. Man I missed the accident that *****. Your trunk is clean! Stinger makes circuit breakers that accept ring terminals, I found a 50 amp. WoofersEtc.com - SGP9050 - Stinger 50 Amp Circuit Breaker
  13. husker77

    Beware - Car Audio Dealers - Amazon Seller

    Not necessarily for declining, but I'm guessing he is for other reasons. And to be honest I'm guessing most of these stories about shops are a bold face lie, or at least a severe exaggeration.