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  1. GreekBrotha8

    songs with good lows

    Decaf zips for sure if you don't already have them. Make it clap- YG on my level- wiz (always kills my car lol) M.A.A.D. City- Kendrick Lamar Girls Love Beyonce (chopped)- Drake Trouble- Bei Major
  2. GreekBrotha8

    Computer parts, car subs, and other

    How long did you have the power supply? Does it work without problems? And what speed is the ram? If you pm me sir I'll gladly take those off your hands!
  3. GreekBrotha8

    FS 2 RE Audio XXX

    God Damnn you....I literally just bought a Revo yesterday because I couldn't find one of these lol well good luck with sale man, should go quiiiick
  4. GreekBrotha8

    small footprint 1k-1.5k amp @ 2 ohms?

    Got a Rockford T1000bdcp if you're interested. Does about 1300-1400 at 1 and 2 ohms. Bulletproof amp. Not to mention it's sexxy lol
  5. GreekBrotha8

    WTB Pair of 8s Or 1 Big 10!!

    Check the sundown yard sale thread over on caco, sa8's are like 95 plus shipping. They are quality control rejects though
  6. GreekBrotha8

    Efficient Box for SP4 15?

    I don't think you'll notice a difference from just 500 watts. They can take more like you said, but Id be real careful bro. If I were you I would just make my box bigger, if you can. And I really doubt that a couple hz higher tuning will "blow" like he said. Just do what you want man, it's your system, you live and learn.
  7. GreekBrotha8

    Efficient Box for SP4 15?

    I was going too but I think I'm going to go with a audiopulse revo 15 to save myself the headache, trunk room, and money lol. I have a '04 civic. Let me know how it goes for ya man! I've always wanted one side I heard about them lol. Oh and I have a mmats 2000.1
  8. GreekBrotha8

    New ClassD freak, greetings earthlinks

    You're gonna get cancellation, which means its not gonna be as loud. Also, you stated you don't even know the impedance of 2 of the subs you are running..thats a great amp but i'd be real careful.
  9. GreekBrotha8

    Efficient Box for SP4 15?

    Really, thats all? i like the sound of that lol Like 28hz?
  10. So I know the sp4 has a 4 inch coil, and many people say that 2,000 watts would be wasted on a 4 inch coil, but i wanna know what some of you box designer say. How large would the box have to be to compensate for the lower wattage? I really want to make it work lol. And please don't come in here with "2,000 watts is retarded for a sp4, get blah blah sub" heard it before, hence why i'm making this thread. let me knoww!
  11. GreekBrotha8

    Used pair of 12's or single 15

    You have tantric? Didn't know that...can you pm me what a pair of 12's would cost? Looking for sql on 1,000 watts a piece
  12. GreekBrotha8

    Used pair of 12's or single 15

    I'm in no rush..also don't have the space for a pair of 15's. Just trying to see what's out there before I finally pull the trigger
  13. GreekBrotha8

    Used pair of 12's or single 15

    Sorry guys, inbox is cleared!
  14. GreekBrotha8

    Splaudio's custom subs thread

    Looking for some daily ground pounder 12's that will get loooud around 30hz ran off a mmats 2000.1....got anything for me? haha.
  15. GreekBrotha8

    Can these earthquake 12" subs really take 5000RMS?

    Bump cuz i'm interested as well