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    Saz-2500d, 2 sa-15s, 7.5 cube box. Tuned to 36htz
  1. jteske88

    Iso Adcom Amplifiers

    Ill share I wont sell lol, Love my adcom GFA-555 with a GFA-7605 5 channel in my setup. Love the warm sound that a adcom amplifier can produce and with plenty of headroom.
  2. jteske88

    Pair of Velodyne 6" Subwoofers

    I rock 2 velodyne dps-12's in my theater. Great stuff glws
  3. those would prolly go well with my Resoulution tweets
  4. The previous owner of my car put t's in for alarm it looked like. I spent 2 years tracking down one wire in the colum. Don't use em. Solder all the way
  5. jteske88

    Sundown SAX-100.2 $275 shipped

    I know i should now pick up the one for 50$ on local CL
  6. jteske88

    fs/ft: 2 sundown e10s. beefy little fuckers

    I'm wondering if there is any tear in the surround. Under the silicone that is.
  7. jteske88

    FS: Playstation 4 Controller Cheapzzz

    Only reason I just bought 2 second hand controlled for 15$ a pop. Only reason I said anything.
  8. jteske88

    FS: Playstation 4 Controller Cheapzzz

    seems little high for a damged controller. non the less though glws
  9. I love my saz2500v2 good luck man
  10. jteske88

    Wall in a Genesis Coupe : Couple question

    If you need a hand i stay over in collinsville, 5 min drive
  11. Ill bet your remote is connected wrong. I had a mustang that wanted to this. The remote wire was connected wrong. Something about a radio fuse. This is the fuse that starts the car
  12. just bought a couple saz 2500,s man got into a accident yesterday so I pulled all equipment and wont be doing anything audio prolly till it warms up