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    Dual SSA zcon 12" D1s on soundstream xxx6500 @ 1ohm, 0 gauge wiring, 300 amp alt.
  1. Hey buck I actually just left you a message if you wanna move this to pm I'd be more than happy to work this out
  2. Dave the box guy quoted me $60.00 for just a design so anyone have any suggestions or anyone know of reliable box designer's I can contact on here??
  3. Hey all I got my self a crossfire xs v.2 D1 18" subwoofer my current daily box I fogot about its low tuning (32hz with 7.5 cubes) my port is 7" wide and around 200sq in ir more. I took it to state finals yesterday and hit a 143 on a sweep and 142.7 on on music came in 1st place stock suv 2 and 3rd in featherweight. My resonance frequenc was 38hz so here we go if I build a box out of birch how much space should I gave the sub and then what should my tuning be to peak at 38hz? Port size everything I'm trying to get around 145- 147 so I can keep up with everyone in featherweight. Thanks all!!
  4. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

    SOLD still have 2 ssa icons d2 for sale make offers
  5. Tried pming you man let me know if we can work something out
  6. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

    Man nothin at all?? Send me some offers guys
  7. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

    bump it up
  8. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

  9. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

    Gets warm only on hot days with back windows rolled down the amp gets a nice breeze to keep it cool. Hasn't cut out once on me and puts out amazing power with foot print. Defiantly a keeper
  10. REDz28

    SSA 18" Xcon D1

    Item(s) for Sale: SSA Xcon 18" DVC 1ohm subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 for performance and lets say 8/10 for cosmetic awesome subwoofer, clean barely and marks on magnet. the subs broken in and slams at around 2000watts rms. my box has about 7 cubic feet with another 2cubes of port area with a 6inch port. im only selling this sub cause i wanna try out a 21" IA with PSI recone i found. Price: looking for 350$ for the subwoofer youll have to pay shipping cost. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: will be packaged safely and sent through ups or whatever youd like i suppose you can contact me at 248-494-6756 if i dont respond to any pms Item Pictures:
  11. 275$? what would shipping be to 48377
  12. REDz28

    (4) AQ 2.0 10" d4

    hey man shipping to 48377? possibly intrested in these can you give me some specs im not sure if the SDC2.0 is the same sub
  13. REDz28

    First Week of Owning the SSA Evil

    When I get my evil I want you to design my box bro! I love your dual porting, I plan on upgrading soon and throwing a second PH4000md in my car to power the evil one for each coil at 2000watts rms, I think she'll pound but I really like your box man great job
  14. So a little side conversation, I have 2 12" Zcons in a Camaro, I was thinking of taking the 18 out of my mariner and buliding a box using the design SSA gave me for the 12s and putting it in the mariner. Anyone think it'll actually be any louder? I'd keep running the same amo and all for now until I choose to upgrade.
  15. Hifonics Amp really aren't that bad for what you pay I doubt they put out the rated power but for a cheap amp I think there decent. I swear by American Bass but not everyone wants to spend the money. I also don't doubt kicker subs can get loud, the problem is most people who buy kicker subs just throw them in some prefab box and go. I suppose your right and I should just hate on kicker because of it being a mainstream company I'm not fond up the subs though and haven't heard a setup where there actually loud and good sounding