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  1. 07denali

    Hate to be that guy but need some advice on a 10" setup

    I would recommend not mounting your amp inside your enclosure. That would be very bad.
  2. 07denali

    JL Slash 500/1v2 VS Rockford Fosgate T500-1BD

    You're better off getting a more powerful amp than one with a different brand. Both are great. It would just be a sideways move imo.
  3. 07denali

    Deal between assassin1840 and I

    It's hanging in my office and I am not working today. Will be happy to post it tomorrow if you really want to see it or answer any questions related to finance. Although that is not the subject at hand.
  4. 07denali

    Deal between assassin1840 and I

    And I have a BA in Finance and worked at a bank in college. Why don't you look up the word transaction and learn something new. Just saying.
  5. 07denali

    Deal between assassin1840 and I

    Just an FYI, when a check clears, that is not a transaction. The "collective" action of depositing a check then the check clearing on a later date is a "two-part" transaction but only one transaction. Things like interest, bank fees, debit card charges, deposits, withdrawals, etc. are transactions. Just saying.
  6. 07denali

    installing a volt meter.

    I used velcro and put it on the panel near your right leg. It's where two panels snap together so I brought the wires up through the space and you cant see any wires.
  7. I'm pretty certain you don't have 160 amps as a stock alternator. My Denali has a 160 amp stock alternator which I question and there are a lot more electronics in my truck then your car. I would double check your stock alternator. 105 amps sounds more like it.
  8. 07denali

    What Fi Subwoofer is Good for Me?

    Look into AA Havoc. I have one 12 running off the same amp and it slams. I have a bass knob so I can turn it down or shut off the sub thru the headunit.
  9. 07denali

    JL Audio Slash Amps in BLACK

    I agree. Who cares. I can't believe they can charge more just for a different color. They did the same thing with the W7 anniversary edition.
  10. Nice job. What kind of battery is that?
  11. The Big 3 is always a good idea. It's probably the most effective upgrade dollar for dollar. Plus its pretty simple to do.
  12. 07denali

    Battery Specs

    How accurate are battery specs? I have a battery that says 1800 cold cranking amps and 80 amp hours but every battery that is equivalent in size is around 1000 CCA and 70 or less AH. I was just curious if battery companies can claim whatever they want or if what they claim is true?
  13. Here's a link. Negative Battery Terminal There's also a pic of it installed on another person's vehicle.