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  1. Hit me up, cash in hand for good offer.
  2. Looking to buy 1 or 2 Orion HCCA 12s
  3. Exactly what the title says: I'm looking for motors that i can turn into 2500W rms beasts (12s specifically, but idc about baskets ill just send them out anyways) Examples: DC XL DC LVL5 M1 SUNDOWN X, ZV3, ZV4 HCCA ZCON BTL N2 AA MAYHEM In your prices, include shipping to 17967 or 17701
  4. JoeK

    Upgrade consideration

    Right, i just dont want to lose output. I have cone area with the 12s but the motor force of something like the SSA evil or SP4/Team would be more than 2 twelves of lesser sort Single 15s im looking at: SSA Evil Fi Team/SP4 DC Level 5 Dual 12s im looking at: Orion HCCA DC XL AA mayhem Sundown X/ZV4/ZV3
  5. Currently im running 2 SPLAudio built 12s rated at 1500w rms each running on 2 SK-1500.1Ds wired at .5 each amp. box is 4.6cubes @ 30hz I dont think these woofers (built with 3' 4-layer coil on DAD BD motors) can handle the power they are getting at .5ohms so im considering the following two options: (a) Upgrade to 2 beefy 2k-2.5k rms 12s and drop them in the current box or (b) Get a single beefy 3-4krms 15" woofer and wire them off the skars strapped at 1ohm? Assuming proper box size comparable to the one i have now.
  6. $200 max, 28hz tuning or somewhere near it
  7. Need an 8"-12" woofer going in a low tuned ported enclosure being ran off 300W @ 4ohms from a plate amplifier. Looking for great low end extension, however flat responses are preferred
  8. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    Whats the pricing like on the Tantric HDD?
  9. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    I would do Fi but they discotninued the BTL and the BL isnt going to cut the justice. Which is why im tuned into the idea of the AA mayhem since being made in house by Fi. If only SSA evil and/or SP4 did 12s
  10. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    I've never blown an AQ woofer. Fi on the other hand... tinsel rips. Only subs ive blown are a DC XL and an Fi BL
  11. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    But for only $50 *more* each i can get an AA mayhem that can handle more abuse
  12. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    I was looking for BNIB woofers, not that i dont like used ones, but i want brand new equip this runa round
  13. JoeK

    12s at a price point of ~500

    Probably looking at a crescendo 3500 or AQ 3500 later. I'll probably have them on 1500 each until i can beef up the amp