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  1. SuperSaeYoung

    Quickest way to kill battery

    Glad you guys understand
  2. SuperSaeYoung

    Quickest way to kill battery

    I want to destroy it I guess... That would be way to obvious that I ruined it.
  3. SuperSaeYoung

    IPOD for SQ? recommendations

    You don't play MP3's for sound quality, go get flacs.
  4. SuperSaeYoung

    Quickest way to kill battery

    Need a reason to get a new battery.
  5. SuperSaeYoung

    Quickest way to kill battery

    Anymoew suggestion?
  6. What is the quickest way to kill a wet cell battery?
  7. You can waste your time driving across the bridge to meet up, I would to take a look.
  8. SuperSaeYoung

    Amplifier help

    To power the powersupply you just need to ground the power wire, most of my powersupply lead color is green.
  9. SuperSaeYoung

    what subs to buy!!???

    This isn't a WTB, and check your pm.
  10. SuperSaeYoung

    wire amp kits and big 3 kits for sale

    Is that $1.8 per ft?
  11. SuperSaeYoung

    Power Output

    Thanks for the input.
  12. I didn't know what to search for so I'll just ask it. So I have a mono amp with 2 dvc subs that are 300 watts rms each both subs are wired to 2 ohms, the amplifier will see them at 1 ohm correct? If I were to play a 50hz track or what ever, do I set the voltage to sqrt(600) or sqrt(600/2)?
  13. SuperSaeYoung

    Electrical gurus enter.

    Parallel the bat directly