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    Trying to get back into the audio world after a long departure. Looking to meet people in area to bounce ideas and projects off of.
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    New car 15 Mini S F56 current set up is HU stock: Bavsound stage 1 mids/highs upgrade: Stock Subs *" under seat powered by Harmon Kardon Amp. Possible additions are AC LC-8i,DQ-61,LCQ-1, RF Prime 500.1 mono amp to run a 10 or 12 in boot replace
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    HU: Pioneer Deh-80PRS, Mids/Highs: Kicker SS56.2 Sub(s): 1 SD-2 10 Amps: Pioneer GM6400-F, RF T-1000
  1. tommydh

    Eclipse CD 7200MKII

    OK before I get slammed for asking about a head unit that's well over 10 years old, I am going to begin with it was discovered among a pile of "junk" in rental clean out. I appened top spot the copper chasis in te bottom of a pile of head units all ranging in the 2005-2009 range most were rusted missing Face plates, harnesses, etc. So far I was able to supply 12v from tool battery to power it up does not appear to be in ESN which I know from my past experience from the good old days 94-2001 era your not guessing key cd of any HU I ownwd. Is there any point or interest in this unit. I had the 5506 as well as 5342. Those 2 were from the days where not much out there was better to coose a few very comparable from Premier, Excelon, and a few more. The CD 7200 though is a newer so to speak of unit tat is in the time of Chinese made vs Japanese. I am planning on testing next trip to property to see if actually will function other than simply turning on display. I will post pictures to see if its worth wile to list or sale or just throwit in buddies old a** 4Runner to shut him up.
  2. an audio control lc2i should be able to help. or the lc6i I know it can sum channels from amplified signal or try to grab the speaker wires pre amp if possible
  3. tommydh

    Rockford Fosgate amps

    Any interest in a T 800-4 maybe 2008 I think I need to check and see if still in shed but I know I had one.
  4. tommydh

    Subwoofers or midrange

    IMO I'd go with the mid bass/range in door over the sub. One fctor is the sub relly needs n enclosure to perform t its best nd I know first hand how difficult it can be to try to fab an enclosure in a door/body panel.
  5. In truck you cn get wy with a 4 channel amp using it to run a good set of components in front and bridging the rear channels to run the sub. I f bsolutely wnt rer set run them from HU
  6. what speakers did you use for mids/highs, and are they component or coax. I generally turn my bass on HU below 0. the remote knob with amp should be set where max is the point your amp is highest output without distorting so it would only be wherever you set the gain at during set up but can always turn down when wanted. Where is the High Pass filter set on the KAC-304
  7. the best advice I can gicve is to run it through a relay where either source would close the coil to energize the cam. since it would be using 2 seperate 12v sources 1) the rear tail light, 2) the switch you control. the other thing I can think of is 3 way switching as in a house where you can turn on and off from 2 or more locations.
  8. `Well speaking from someone with experience with the LC6i I tapped at the audio control module (Mini/BMW) in the non amplified system in my new one that has a factory amp which made it SOOOO easy I took the amp to speaker side for the signal. Great thing with that unit is you only need to find 1 full range signal my first attemt I used both front and rear signals not knowing there was a bass pad on the front side so I wound up using the rear to supply all the signal then fed an EQ wish I waited 2 weeks back then for the LCQ-1 to come out but shortly after spent the same exact money for DEH-80PRS
  9. tommydh

    what HU's everyone using these days

    DEH 80 PRS is still a great unit. You may be able to get it for around 250 from a few places. I know Sonicelectronix includes a certain amount towards harness and dash kit. Crutchfield may also depending on the cost of dash kit. I know for Mini they give 50 towards the two pieces due to cost of each.
  10. tommydh

    Trying to build my first sound system

    Maybe able to save money by getting a 4 ch amp to use 2 channels for mids/highs and bridging the other 2 channels for sub. Dont forget to include in your budget the wiring, harness and dash kit for your truck. they make adapters to go from 6x8 to 6.5's which would give you more options.https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_151321_4-Kicker-KSC680-44KSC6804-Speaker-Package.html Pioneer GM-D9605
  11. Did you use a RCA to 3.5mm? You may need a mixer of sorts unless you are using a head unit
  12. tommydh

    Quality Old School Monoblocks no Maxsonics

    that was a killer amp back inthe day
  13. OK I'm sure its been said already, but Boss is only ok if you need a paper weight or a door stop. As far as Budget amps are concerned In My Opinion Hi Fonics Hi Fi series is a decent option. They may not do rated power but are usualy closer than other selections in pricerange. Or Rockford Prime series is a very good entry level amp that will do rated if not more than. It sounds like you may want to fnd a 4 or 5 channel amp where you can use 2 chanels for fronts/mids highs and bridge rear ch to a sub. If you are more for SQ of sorts over Boom look on parts express at some of there subs for under 100 bucks there are some very suitable choices that will give you the extra low end to fill out the mix versus trying to leave a wet spot under girl in seat next to you. If I can get into my storage I may have some old N.I.B polk DB 10s from 96-98 era. they werte good lil subs back in the day but hey they would be able to work with a budget .
  14. tommydh

    Hi Res player for audio playback?

    The new Sony Hi Res unit has Optic out but its 1500.00 The Pioneer DEH80-PRS can take SD cards that you can probably replace a bunch of disc with. I think I had a 128GB card in mine and it was ok. The 3.5mm jack is about the worse option you can go with If possible atleast try to go 3.5mm from phone to RCA inputs if HU is capable.
  15. tommydh

    ground to strut tower bolt?

    ok you were referring to te bracet I didnt catch that. I think that sould work if nothing else is close.