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  1. foomanchu

    Two Sundown SA-12's

    Will do! He says he will let me know tomorrow.
  2. foomanchu

    Two Sundown SA-12's

    What coil config you looking for? I have a pair I may let go.
  3. foomanchu

    american bass xfl 12s.

    Sure was! Thank you!
  4. foomanchu

    american bass xfl 12s.

    Payment sent!
  5. foomanchu

    american bass xfl 12s.

    Awesome, can Paypal now/immediately if you decide!
  6. foomanchu

    american bass xfl 12s.

    Willing to separate?
  7. foomanchu


    This looks to be the same (DSO201) as the Newegg one but comes with the x10 probe, carrying case and the mini-USB cable. Just have to find a way to hide the shipment from the wife! SainSmart ARM DSO201 Nano Mini Portable Pocket-Sized Digital Oscilloscope Kit | eBay
  8. foomanchu

    Need to clean out my car.

    It's the Breaking Bad Mobile in yellow, that alone makes it awesome Also doesn't look so horrible hooked up:
  9. I currently have a Sundown SA-12 (d4) and am looking at going with an Incriminator Audio Death Row 12 (d2). Any idea how different the box would need to be from one to the other? Hoping to be able to use the same box, but I realize each sub is different!