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  1. bebitte3o

    Dc xl10 m4 in a 4th ?

    With that logic dc xl is not for 4th,but some guys say yes, this is why i ask some help!
  2. bebitte3o

    Dc xl10 m4 in a 4th ?

    I know,the thing is i realy cant install à 12,this why the 10
  3. bebitte3o

    Dc xl10 m4 in a 4th ?

    Hello guys,i just bought this sub for my boat,i was thinkingof a ported box first,but some people recommand a 4th, and other says dc is not realy good in 4th,so now in confused,i like the idea of a 4th but i want the best possibl,my goal is clean and loud,powered by IA20.1,i also have a ssa xcon ? Thanks
  4. bebitte3o

    What do you think of...

    We have summer in Canada i live near Montréal and the temp can be very hot but the summer is 4 month
  5. bebitte3o

    What do you think of...

    Big thanks for your answer:)
  6. bebitte3o

    What do you think of...

    Boat stuff is junk so i buy and run car audio stuff in m'y boat for many years with succes,boat are car,audio is audio:)
  7. bebitte3o

    What do you think of...

    Yes your right 14 days build time,i read fourteen days and tought it was 40,this is what happen when your english ***** ) .55 for a 12 is realy small for a sub that big and perfect for m'y new set up,i Will sale m'y btl and m'y xcon 12 and order one bat 11,how loud your 12 is? I want loud and clean. Thanks for your help.
  8. bebitte3o

    What do you think of...

    Hello,i have in m'y boat a fi btl neo 12 ans i realy like the way it sound,but i change m'y boat and the next one dont have the space for a 12 so i need a 10,im between 3 choice. 1-order a stereo integrity hst-11 and build a small sealed box(the easy way) but i see 40 days build wait 2-local guys want to trade a sundown zv5 10 for m'y btl ,i never ear a sundown sub ? 3-the safe way SSA xcon 10 in a ported box. Sub will be powered by a IA 20.1. Thanks
  9. bebitte3o

    Fi Audio subwoofer owners, please enter.

    i have a btl neo 12,it sound realy good and more punchy than the m'y Q
  10. bebitte3o

    i need New tweeter!!

    m'y first idea was the scanspeak,the look very similar i think,what do you mean by axis?
  11. bebitte3o

    i need New tweeter!!

    i have a component set alpine type r 6.5 and i want to upgrade it whit à 6.5 IA dpx for the mid,for the tweeter im between the new ssa evils and the scanspeak,both look very similar,do you think this upgrade will be a upgrade ? i want sq and loud,i think this tweeter Come with out crossover so what kind of crossover i can buy for this tweeter? thanks
  12. bebitte3o

    Crossfire xs v4s or team fi's?

    and why notssa evils?
  13. bebitte3o

    Build time on SSA subs

    dont worry with your sub,im sure it can take à lot more!