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    Obsidian 12D4 @ 2ohms in 2cf(net)@31.5hz. 08ZX1000.1. Kenwood 452u HU. Pioneer 4-way turds up front.
  1. NoKings

    3-Kicker os ZR amps :)

    I have a ZR120 that is in incredible shape, with the module. Got it on CL for $50 with a kicker C10 and I thought I got the short end of the stick. Theennn I hooked it up. lol. Highschool kids....ha. GLWS, neat little amps.
  2. NoKings

    What % window tint?

    20 the whole way round. You won't get hassled unless you live in small town with bored cops. Uniformity looks soo much better than mismatched shades.
  3. NoKings

    Picked up a new sub yesterday!

    SONOFA! I saw that thing on there and hadn't sold my Type R's yet to buy it. Good snag though, already got people barking up your tree for it.
  4. NoKings

    Picked up a new sub yesterday!

    Was this purchased on CL by chance?
  5. NoKings

    School me on batteries

    What are they called?
  6. NoKings

    VM Audio - the new king of cheap amps?

    What will you be running on this? My buddy is in the market and I still really want to play with a couple of these.
  7. NoKings

    VM Audio - the new king of cheap amps?

    I was curious about that too. It's a strange way to rate, giving only peak at 2ch @ 2 ohms and bridged. I'll see what I can find out.
  8. NoKings

    VM Audio - the new king of cheap amps?

    VMI is headquartered in my city. I reeally want to get a couple and beat the bricks off them just to see what they're really about. I've picked stuff up locally before and they know what they're doing for the most part. Curiosity killed the wallet.
  9. NoKings

    hi from nerbaska

    Crop income is actually expected to be the highest in recorded history this year!!! And what's going on fella Nebraskaaan?
  10. NoKings

    Obsidian power handling ?

    My OA12 has handled a Diamond D1000.1 at 650w@2ohm or so and would continue to do so FOREVER. I had it on a ZX1000.1 at 1000+@2ohms and I felt completely comfortable with it for an hour or so at a time (my average drive time), full tilt even I never smelled anything funky. I have a V1 also, so the V2 I'd have no concern at all with it at or below 1100 rms allll day.
  11. NoKings

    What is it worth?

    Erm...What are you trading him? I know you couldn't give me those subs, and the amp looks a little beat up. Plus anyone's install who looks this bad probably doesn't take much care in not abusing their equipment. Just my .02
  12. NoKings

    New Sundown SA 12 Need amp and box advice

    Had the ONX1000.1 for 6 months and sold it. They are $130 brand new w free ship at sonic. But personally, I would pass.
  13. Hey guys I need some QUICK help from anyone familiar with the Diamond Audio d1000.1. I have a chance to pick up a 2nd d1000.1 but according to >>> Diamond Audio D1000.1 Mono subwoofer amplifier — 1,100 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm at Crutchfield.com http://i1284.photobucket.com/albums/a580/morris_johnson1/image_zps1aaf700d.jpg). Anyone ever strap these bad boys? or hear of any problems?
  14. How dare you anger the Lead Acid gods! Karma will flame you sir, and it will flame you good. On a lighter note, I'm glad to see the plastiweld worked for you. Resourceful Nebraskans UNITE!!!