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  1. Spldecendant

    24inch zv5 box questions

    His seem to be in a small enclosure 18 cubes 9 cubes each
  2. Spldecendant

    24inch zv5 box questions

    What size ported enclosure does a 24 zv5 need 10-12 cubic ft? How would it perform in a 4th order that's 5 cubes sealed 10 ported?
  3. Spldecendant

    Dual to quad leads

    Is it possible to say have a dual voice coil sub and get a quad coil drop in recone?
  4. Looking to buy a sundown zv3 motor nothing else
  5. Spldecendant

    What amp for .375 currently have an hd15k

    mine are d1's and I'm gonna have 5
  6. Spldecendant

    What amp for .375 currently have an hd15k

    no I can't do 2 amps they would have to be strapped at .375 and I would recone all my woofers but the cones and coils are in perfect condition
  7. Spldecendant

    What amp for .375 currently have an hd15k

    I currently have 4 zv3 18's in a regular ported enclosure in a tahoe. This is going to be 5 zv3 d1 18's in a 4th and he athe ns2 would be the perfect fit
  8. I have a hd15k on my current setup the highest I can wire to on my new setup is .375 which for the Brazilian amp obviously won't work, so I need something in the power range of this amp or more. I was unsure how well the taramp bass 15k would do at .375 I know I can wire them under 1 ohm but wasn't sure about that low for Korean amps I was thinking b2 or Alphard 12k how would they do. Electrical is perfect they should have minimal voltage drop
  9. Spldecendant

    Where to get buss bars

    I'm looking for nice buss bars for 7 deka group 31 agm's. Is there anywhere I can buy them or have them made
  10. Spldecendant

    Wtb 2 zv3 motors

  11. Spldecendant

    Wtb dual alt chevy Tahoe alt bracket

    2007 I though they all fit though
  12. Doesn't anyone have a dual alt bracket laying around
  13. Spldecendant

    Wtb 2 zv3 motors

    Looking to buy 2 zv3's motors in good condition
  14. Spldecendant

    Gain matching taramps hd15k's

    I have 2 taramps hd15k's what the best way to go about gain matching
  15. Spldecendant

    Taramps hd15k terminals

    I'm looking for triple 0 gauge inputs, running knukonceptz ofc 0 gauge can't seem to find terminals that fit, also looking for daul speaker terminals aswell.