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  1. Have the battery tested at a battery shop with a carbon pile load tester (Autometer load testers are awesome and more accurate than the cheap tool store ones. A good shop will have one) that can tell you how strong it is before you do anything. There's g24 tie downs of all sorts out there that you can choose from or modify to strap the batt down under your hood if it's good.
  2. Technically.... he's right, lol. It is in the rules that telling people to post pics in their f/s threads is a 2 day ban. sellin' rules and stuff link
  3. av83

    exide batteries battery bank

    Rural King Marine/RV Dual Purpose AGM Group 24DP Battery RK-AGM24DP by Exide Technologies for $129.99 in Car - Battery Types - Batteries - Automotive : Rural King Exide made AGM, but sold with a much lighter warranty... hence the price diff. Would do very well as a starting batt or reserve. We sell the exide-stickered ones for 189 and a 2 ye free replace warranty. They load test VERY well.
  4. av83

    exide batteries battery bank

    If the vehicle is used regularly, it won't hurt at all to have a standard batt up front and an agm in rear. You'd do well to replace the front with an agm when you get the chance to though.
  5. av83

    exide batteries battery bank

    They'll "hold up" for a little while... but due to their nature they'll get messy and never hold a candle in regards to the output of a better agm. but I do not recommend going that route regardless of price. Use one of those cheapies up front, and buy a single agm for the rear... That would be fine for a 2200 for daily listening with the vehicle running.
  6. av83

    exide batteries battery bank

    Buy two or three of these...exide edge 24f ...instead of 4 of those. Much more suitable for what you are doing. I work for an Exide dealer.
  7. av83

    upgrading front speakers need help

    A good sounding front stage is mostly going to be determined by the install and treatment of speaker locations. A well-installed $100 6.5" comp set in well treated and properly chosen locations is going to sound a lot better than a $1000 set just tossed in and screwed down.
  8. av83

    Tantric hdd 12 D1

    The one you sent out, was it my old one?
  9. av83

    passive crossovers online.

    the mid and tweeter you're using dictate what xover points you need to be looking for.
  10. av83

    Vfl 4480

    315 or whatever is map(manufacturer authorized price) not dealer or retail, price. The lowest price AB allows dealers to sell new-with-warranty gear for. They just have problems with dealers selling to non authorized ebay sellers like lots of other companies.
  11. Your sig bugs me lol. You ever gonna change it?
  12. av83

    Vfl 4480

    Well good luck with your ad policing lmao... but you might want to start hunting down the folks that are actually doing people wrong. Did you even notice his feedback score lol? It didn't get there ripping people off.
  13. av83

    Vfl 4480

    Even if it were retail... why? Why do you feel the need? Do you REALLY think if someone buys this from him they're just going to jump on a 250 dollar purchase without researching? And if they don't, doesn't that make it a lesson learned for impulse buying? Besides, this dude is known for standing behind the gear he sells regardless of what anyone thinks of him as a salesman. The eBay listing you provided... lol, good luck on any post-purchase issues you would have to deal with through him...
  14. av83

    Vfl 4480

    You are straight up tripping... wtf are you all butt hurt about a sale thread for? Do you message all the guys on ebay selling gear for 50$ more than what you think its worth as well??? Hahaha Glws Jim