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  1. Megadave06

    Best Amp for single 12” Fi Alpha

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, that synergy looks like a good amp too, and is on sale for $129 on their website. After researching a lil bit...it seems like I should have an amp that has a slightly higher rms than the sub. Does the sealed enclosure affect this as well? Should it be even higher rms? What would be ideal...1000w or 1200w?
  2. Megadave06

    Best Amp for single 12” Fi Alpha

    Looking for opinions on what budget amp would be best with a Fi alpha 12. It’s going in a 1.4 cu ft sealed enclosure under the seat of my 17’ Silverado crew cab. Looking for something that can be played for a couple hours at a time without overheating. I’m thinking 800w RMS would be ideal and I’ve narrowed it down to these three (but open to other options) Soundqubed S1-850 Skar RP-800.1d Pioneer GM-D8601