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    Kenwood DDX6017, re audio sx18d2, re audio dts 1500.1
  1. My boy John was in your Jeep when it shattered.
  2. my boy blew one of his lvl4 18"s doing a demo.... he didnt get to meter.
  3. littledane

    Speakers getting hot and smell...

    to be honest with you i cant remember the specs of the box........sorry.
  4. littledane

    Speakers getting hot and smell...

    i can tell you from experience that those subs can be loud.......i had 2 of them in 07 and hit a 141.6db with MECA on some crap Kenwood amps......get a better box and you will be happy.
  5. I'll be there..........anyone wanna buy my 18" and amp?
  6. I think im going to try and make this one...... if i haven't sold my 18" by then.
  7. littledane

    Double din install in Trailblazer

    do you have bose or onstar? if you do you will need the gms-04 interface which is not included in the wire harness from crutchfield. it will cost you about $100 for the interface.
  8. littledane

    Double din install in Trailblazer

    What year Trailblazer? i installed a 2din in my 05 and i didnt have to cut anything. I just pulled the dash apart and took out the stock unit. As far as the parking break bypass i think with pioneers you have to by a bypass switch. i think you can find them on Ebay.
  9. littledane

    Richmond, VA. June 30th

    Thinking about it.....
  10. littledane

    Polarized Oakleys...75shipped!!!

    Man if i can get rid of these arnettes i"ll take them.
  11. littledane

    My Kenwood ddx-6017 wont turn on

    So i went to start my car yesterday morning (4:30am) to go to work and my battery was dead. I jumped the battery and now my deck wont turn on. The red security light that always flashes is flashing but the screen wont turn on. What could have happened? Did i just fry my deck?
  12. littledane

    Virginia Roll call.

    I was fairly active with MECA in 2007. i was as3 state champion then. Got out of car sterio for a while but im back in it now.
  13. littledane

    Virginia Roll call.

    Im in VA as well.....just not very active.
  14. littledane

    RE Audio DTS-1500.1D

    decent amp. i have one pushing my sx18d2 at 1ohm.