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    new to car audio, here to learn and progress.
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    Gaming,audio and working out.
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    Fi SSD 15" d2 w flatwind on a Crate SPA2000
  1. TitoThePirate

    Crescendo bc3500d

    any references?
  2. TitoThePirate

    The Infamous Earthquake PH-D2 " Shredder"

    why do they refer to the "shredder"
  3. TitoThePirate

    Amplifier pre order thread

    selling the same amps too. with small changes to make them seem less cookie cutter. ---------- Post added at 05:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:07 PM ---------- hmm not a bad price at all.
  4. TitoThePirate

    Do I need 2 alternators?

    get a ho alternator and you'll be fine with what you just listed, but as mlstrass said, the 750 is a monoblock. get a sq120.4
  5. you dont need better wire, ofc is just fine.
  6. TitoThePirate

    best place to get a recone for 2 btl n2 18's....

    would have to get them machined to fit the bolt pattern on the motor to fit the t i basket which is a standard 6 bolt i believe?
  7. TitoThePirate

    best place to get a recone for 2 btl n2 18's....

    get T.i baskets with motor spacers, allows more travel/displacement, get the fatty surround from sundown,nsv2 coils. SplaudioDean on facebook does subs, Bill Lolo, PSI. etc
  8. TitoThePirate

    can a sub ever blow off a good signal?

    overtime the spiders lose strength. it'll take years, depends on its usage, but as long as you keep the subwoofer within its rms range it'll be fine, most subs can take way over its rms, but not for very long portions of time, for example, i can burp 2.2k on my 08 fi ssd which is rated at 800 rms. but thats a clean signal and the subwoofer gets warm to the touch after a few times.
  9. TitoThePirate

    2 SA-12's or 1 Fi BL15?

    the bl's are much more efficient, almost makes up for less cone area.
  10. TitoThePirate

    New guuuy!!

  11. TitoThePirate

    2 FI q 15teens fully upgraded from fi

    only need 1. you interested?
  12. TitoThePirate

    2 FI q 15teens fully upgraded from fi

    210 shipped on a single driver?
  13. TitoThePirate

    Just 2 12s flexxing my Explorer.....Tantric Sounds HDD

    cant wait til get my single one installed.
  14. TitoThePirate

    Alpine SPR-69

    still for sale? shipped price to 53132